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February 13, 2007

Alarmists On A Hot Tin Roof: Global Warming Psychology

Filed under: Politics In General,Science & Technology - 13 Feb 2007

An issue that has garnered much attention lately, in between the media bites about Iraq and the salacious lives of celebrities, is the controversy over global warming. Both the pro and the con side consider their opponents the heretical misfits …

An Open Letter to Former Border Patrol Agent Ignacio Ramos

Filed under: Immigration - 13 Feb 2007

I am writing to let you know that millions of patriotic Americans are behind you 100 % and are working to free you from the horrible circumstances in which you are embroiled. We appreciate that you acted to …

Simply A Diva Who Wants Just One Jet Plane, So?

In America, everyone has the opportunity to become wealthy. In our country millionaires and billionaires thrive because of opportunity afforded our citizenry. Monetary means can be gained under our capitalistic system. Most of America’s amply-rich are self-made, hard working entrepreneurs.

Loyalty to an Ideal or to a Person?

The Republican Party suffered a blow in the 2006 elections, losing control of both houses of Congress. Many have hoped that the party would analyze the results of that election and correct the problems before the 2008 elections. However, the …