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February 14, 2007

Anchor Babies: Made in the USA by Illegal Aliens

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Illegal aliens who scheme to have anchor babies born in America just to avoid justice (through deportation) are among the most despicable criminals in our midst.

Democrats in Aid to Insurgents – It Finally IS Vietnam all Over Again

It is a shocker, but the AP actually let loose a kernel of truth about the situation in Iraq in one of their reports for a change. To wit, if Iraqi insurgents wait long enough, the USA will leave

New Muslim Outrage Materializes

As we in the Western world have come to expect, many Muslims and Islamic organizations claim “outrage” at almost anything and everything they can find. They rioted, burned buildings and vehicles over cartoons that parodied their prophet Muhammad.

Minuteman Project Founder To Establish Citizen’s Commission

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Orange County, CA — Jim Gilchrist, the combat Marine who established the Minuteman Project shortly after the terrorist attack on 9/11, is outraged that two Border Patrol agents, Jose Compian and Ignacio Ramos, are behind bars in federal prison. …

The Temperature Also Rises

With the issuing of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report on February 2, waxing climactic about the climatic is the order of the day. The esteemed, government-funded scientists with no agenda who rendered the study inform us …