Minuteman Project Founder To Establish Citizen’s Commission

By: Tim Bueler

Orange County, CA — Jim Gilchrist, the combat Marine who established the Minuteman Project shortly after the terrorist attack on 9/11, is outraged that two Border Patrol agents, Jose Compian and Ignacio Ramos, are behind bars in federal prison. They are there for failing to report that they had fired their weapons at a fleeing drug dealer – an act which was witnessed by other agents who were not prosecuted.

After being sentenced, both men turned themselves in for incarceration in federal prison — and Ramos has already been brutally kicked and beaten by illegal alien inmates.

“This is an outrageous railroad job,” fumes Gilchrist. “These men could have fled, but they didn’t. At the very least, they should be out on bail pending appeal. They certainly shouldn’t be mixed in with the prisoners they or their fellow Border Patrol agents put there!”

“Our members from around the nation are disgusted with a government which ignores its duty to secure our borders, then grants Constitutional rights to illegal non-citizens and persecutes the people who risk their lives to protect us,” Gilchrist continues, “and as a former Marine, I can’t have much respect for a Commander-in-Chief who doesn’t stand by his troops.”

Gilchrist and others are convinced there are serious flaws in the prosecution which led to the border agents’ convictions. Evidence was reportedly withheld, the illegal alien drug smuggler was given immunity to testify against the agents, and some jurors have reported feeling “coerced” into delivering a guilty verdict.

“We cannot stand idly by if border agents are railroaded, so in addition to our work of monitoring border activities, we are establishing a citizens’ investigation commission to look into this Ramos/Compian situation, starting with a thorough review of the federal attorney’s procedures and motivations,” states Gilchrist. “We believe that federal attorney Johnny Sutton was, at the least, overzealous in his prosecution of these agents.”

Gilchrist is considering plans for a press conference at the courthouse in El Paso, where he would present the concerns of the Minuteman Project’s membership, and outline plans for a citizens’ investigation commission.

Concurrently, Gilchrist pledges that he and Minuteman Project volunteers from around the nation will be working to gain a Presidential Pardon for the two agents. Petitions are circulating, and calls, faxes and e-mails are being sent — and the number of congressmen calling for pardons, led by Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO), has already grown to over one hundred, an unusual — possibly unprecedented — situation.

If Gilchrist, Tancredo and others are correct, federal attorney Sutton’s prosecution could be the spark that lights the fuse of citizen rebellion against federal mismanagement and possible corruption at the highest levels. The American people, according to spokesmen for the patriot community, are fed up with empty promises, such as legislation to build a fence, but no funding for the fence; and backroom big money dealing which seems to benefit only politicians and drug dealers, at the expense of the American people.

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