Bank Of America Pandering To Illegal Aliens

By: Tim Bueler

Bank of America’s announcement that they will offer credit cards to those who cannot supply a social security number is a slap in the face to all Americans who value national sovereignty, according to Minuteman founder and president, Jim Gilchrist. The former Marine who has been putting volunteer observers on the border is outraged that Bank of America is perfectly willing to put bank profits ahead of national security.

“These bank executives obviously care nothing about our national identity or security,” says Gilchrist, but says he is stopping short of calling for a nationwide boycott of Bank of America, and of any other bank which makes it easier for illegal aliens to continue to break our laws and strain American society.

B/A’s program doesn’t even require any credit history, except having had a checking account with the bank for three months without an overdraft, according to reports by Reuters and the Wall Street Journal.

“Imagine that!” exclaims Gilchrist. “Average Americans have to work hard for years to create a decent credit rating, but an illegal alien can waltz into a B/A branch, open a checking account, and three months later, can open a credit card account! Am I the only person who sees that this is a recipe for disaster?”

In addition to the obvious problems of security and societal disruption which illegal aliens create, Gilchrist, whose background include being a certified public accountant, lists these: increasing costs of credit, which will be passed on to other credit card holders, as illegals default on credit card obligations; rising interest rates, as illegals compete for loans; rising real estate costs, as illegals drive up housing prices; higher transportation costs, as illegals add to congestion and demand for autos and oil; and increasing costs of security, police, and jails, as illegals continue to represent a large proportion of criminal activity.

“I just can’t support businesses which support illegal aliens,” says Gilchrist, but so far, he is stopping short of calling on Minuteman Project volunteers and all others who are concerned about the illegal alien invasion to boycott Bank of America and other big businesses. When asked if he, personally, will be doing any business with BofA until the bank changes its policies, he responded with a definite “no,” and left the door open for a general boycott.

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