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February 18, 2007

“Wasted” Lives: 4,380 Americans Murdered by Illegal Aliens Each Year!

Filed under: Immigration - 18 Feb 2007

While Senator Barack Obama called the loss of 3,100 Americans in the war on terror “wasted lives,” the senator, all of his Democrat colleagues, RINOs, and President Bush choose to ignore a far more outrageous statistic.

Utah’s Teenage Killer, the Muslim Connection Ignored

Filed under: Politics In General,War On Terror - 18 Feb 2007

I have been watching the “reportage” on the regrettable incident of a teenaged killer’s rampage in a Utah shopping mall with mounting interest. In nearly every story of this crime the fact that this youngster is from a Muslim background …

Civil Serpents: Beware of Snakes Bearing “Liberties”

There’s a reason it’s called the American Civil Liberties Union, and not the American Constitutional Rights Union. The ACLU and other liberal organizations like to say that they’re defending the Constitution, but since the language of that document seldom coincides …