Latest Threat Close to Home

By: Leigh Patrick Sullivan

I fear a future ‘I told you so’ moment forming. For a while now, myself and other like-minded writers have been warning that Canadians have been taking the threat of terrorism much too lightly. I have experienced examples of the liaise-fare attitude from our fair citizens as far back as the day after the 9/11 attacks, when I heard my first ‘it’s their problem’ comment. When subsequent attacks happened in Britain and Spain, we took a passing glance then moved on. Even when some of our own citizens were arrested – an alleged homegrown pro-Islamic terrorist cell – in Ontario, we read the headlines with more amusement than concern.

In 2002, Osama bin Laden included Canada in a list of countries that al-Qaeda considered targets. Pro-American, pro-Israeli, free Western nations are a scourge to the Islamic murderers, and Canada falls into that category. But too many Canadians write-off any kind of threat as unthinkable, as if being a self-proclaimed ‘multi-cultural’ nation with a recent history of military neutrality makes us somehow immune. Tainted with their unabashed anti-American slant, many of our pseudo-intellectual elite go so far as to give blame to an attack that hasn’t even happened yet: “…it’s because we are in Afghanistan.”, or: “….it’s because we are too friendly with those bastard Americans.”

This week a Saudi Arabian-based al-Qaeda website posted a fresh call to arms for Islamic militants around the world, calling on them to ‘choke the American economy’ by attacking suppliers of oil to the United States. Specifically, it names Canada, Mexico, and Venezuela as the three target nations to consider. An attack in Canada, by definition, means an attack in Alberta. Our energy sector experiencing the biggest boom in our history, and our oil output is skyrocketing. A terrorist strike here would have an effect on the American economy, but it would likely cripple the Canadian one. Given that Alberta is the driving force behind the national numbers, even a moderate strike could be potentially devastating.

Will we start taking the repeated threats seriously before or after the unthinkable happens on Alberta soil?

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