Can They Read In San Diego?

By: Bob Parks

***Warning: This article contains offensive language***

I can’t be the only person this happens to. If so, this country is really in bad shape.

Back on January 20th, I wrote a piece about gansta’ thugs (niggas) becoming more prominent in sports, especially my beloved National Football League. I got the traditional replies from the liberal black sites, but it would seem The NFL Forum in San Diego like many others, let a title, not the substance of the piece, get the emotions boiling.

“Unbelievable, just friggin unbelievable. I hope Charger fans let this moron have it.”

Why must people read between lines words that aren’t there. In the San Diego Chargers part of The NFL Forum, there is a thread titled “Columnist calls LT a ‘nigga’”. Let’s look at what was said, okay?

“‘It had to be said. I said it.’ Fine then. Uncle Tom. It had to be said. I said it.”

In the column I wrote called “NFL: The N Doesn’t Stand For National”.. I lamented the lack of class and the infiltration of gansta’ goons in the National Football League. I didn’t even mention the fact that something like 10 Cinncinati Bengals were arrested last season. But someone out there read me as calling San Diego Chargers superstar LaDanian Tomlinson a “nigga”. Let’s look at some FACTS, okay?

Mr. Tomlinson, after his team’s loss to the New England Patriots, started his portion of the post game press conference, reminded us all that he’s a classy guy. Be that as it may, what would the fans in San Diego think of another team’s player who was bashing the Chargers and starting off with “You know me, I’m a classy guy.” No one who’s classy has to remind you of the fact, but that wasn’t the point of the column….

“What a sorry piece of shit. He can’t even say it himself, he has to play the CR comedy angle…Fuck him…bet he wouldn’t say that to LT’s face.”

I would love an opportunity to have a sit-down with Tomlinson and talk, not only about what happened after the Patriots-Chargers game, but the thuggish behavior that permeates the NFL, and almost all of professional sports for that matter. As he is a classy guy, I should have no reason to fear sitting down with him. However it would appear some in San Diego feel that LaDanian would and should beat the crap out of me for calling him something a poster claims I said.

“That is disturbing. Another fine example of Patriots fans “class”……”

LaDanian Tomlinson was “upset” after the playoff loss because some Patriots were mocking Charger Shawn Merriman’s “lights out” dance, and that was a clear sign of disrespect to the San Diego team. I responded by asking Mr. Tomlinson if it was disrespectful for Merriman to do a “dance” in an opponent’s backfield after sacking a quarterback?

Tomlinson claimed that kind of disrespectful behavior must have come down from Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. Using that logic, would Merriman’s no-class dance dance over a vanquished quarterback be considered a message from their (former) head coach Marty Schottenheimer? Of course not, even though Marty let it have a league record 17 times last season.

“Hes a Patriots fan. Enough said. In there eyes, when it reguards the Chargers, if we do 100 things and 99 of them are great! It will be the 1 thing we did wrong that automatically makes the 99 bad. That my friends is called ignorance. And narrow-mindedness. It just comes too naturally for Pats fans.”

Excuse me, but to that person talk about hypocrisy. The Patriots upset the AFC’s number one seed. On that given Sunday, we did 100 things and 99 were great. We beat a great football team but Tomlinson focused on something at happened after the game was over. And by the way, it was a lack of experience and some dirty plays that cost San Diego the game more that being beaten by New England.

Call that narrow-mindedness all you want, but the fact remains most of those who read the forum post didn’t read the column. Does that come naturally for Charger fans? Of course not.

“This clown obviously doesn’t know anything about what LT stands for… to lump LT in with the TO’s of the world. He also obviously didn’t see the extent of mocking the no class Pats did after the game. I can’t wait until next year’s game!”

IF you read what I wrote, I did compliment LT for being one of the few that scored touchdowns and acted like he’s been there before. However, his postgame complaining and blaming the New England head coach had many around the country in disbelief. When San Diego players were called on boneheaded penalties that elongated Patriot drives and lead to scores, tell me one person who blamed the intent on Schottenheimer? As a Patriot fan, I’ll say this: the New England Patriots didn’t win that playoff game; the San Diego Chargers lost it. That’s right; I said it.

The difference it, the “extent of the mocking the no class Pats did” was after the game. You know, after the game everyone knew New England would lose. Again, I’m sure San Diego fans must think that Merriman’s dances humiliating an opposing player after a sack was cool, everyday behavior and why should anyone be upset with his taunting?

“I’m confused.. his concluding point seems to be:

“I wish there were a way to remove niggas for professional sports. In most cases, the sport is so beautiful that when players just play the game, it’s my honor and privilege to watch. But some of today’s players are an embarrassment to any race, and we find ourselves wanting them to suffer the appropriate humiliation.

“Just play the damn game. When you score, act like you’ve done so before. That’s all we ask, and all we pay for.

Basically he’s derided LT the whole article then he trys to be all high and mighty and say that NFL players don’t show enough humility… Um, has he ever seen LT interviewed? What is his point, that LT isn’t humble? so so confused”

Sorry about that. Though I was clear.

“My reaction as well. Dude’s just another dime-a-dozen “shock journalist.” His ratings are only as good as his outrageousness. Sad.”

Wow. I’ve never been called a “shock journalist” before. I might have to mull that one over. However, I didn’t know the truth was shocking.

“Well… This is the type of crap that does no one any good. This guy is not necessarily an Uncle Tom, he’s, well he’s, a white wannabe for Christ’s sake! He gives race stereotyping a big boost. Racism – so damn ingrained into the human psyche. Thank God for morons! Without them who would the rest of us have to blame things on?”

So I’m called a white wannabe from a person who says I’m giving race stereotyping a boost while complaining about racism. Now I’m confused….

“That columnist is an ashhole. Don’t know what else to say..”

I respect your opinion and I’ve been called worse.

“Don’t call him an Uncle Tom that’s a horrible thing to be called if you’re black. It basically negates you being black, it makes you less of a person so please don’t call him that. I’ll tell you this much though; he’s a fucking bitch ass hack writer with little skills and plenty of shock I hope he chokes on his ego or Bill Belichicks cock.

LT is far from his description of a “nigga”, LT is the epitome of class and generosity but most of all he’s human, and because of that he makes mistakes. Only one person doesn’t make mistakes and he’s not on this earth, comparing him with TO and such is fucked up because LT has NEVER displayed this behavior before while TO has a sheet longer than the bed I sleep on. Not to mention LT also went and apologized for what he said AND made amends with Bill Belly, the fuck does this shitstain want from LT? For him to grovel at Bill and his own feet admitting he’s wrong and just another nigga who doesn’t deserve to play? Fuck him and the goddamn horse he rode in on. It’s motherfuckers like him who try and move racism backwards instead of forwards, him, Al Sharpton and all them other fucking race peddlers can eat the dick as far as I’m concerned.

I hope someone chokes this mu’fucka out.”

Liberal sports fans are so predictable….

“In fairness, that article was from January, so he couldn’t have known at the time that L.T. was going to apologize and make amends with teh h0b0 in Hawaii.”

Thank you. And again after re-reading the column I wrote almost a month ago, show one ONE line in that column where I said LT was a nigga? San Diego Chargers fans have casually used that word against me. Says something….

“That’s true and in fairness I won’t beat the ever loving shit out of him if I ever see him.”

That’s class.

“By looking at the thread I wont bother reading the article.”

Ignorance is bliss….

“You guys, he’s calling Merriman the “nigga” and LT the hypocrite for his comments regarding the Patriots lack of class while he says nothing about Merriman’s own behavior.

“What our friend conviently chooses to not point is the reason LT confronted several of the Patriots players was because they were, by his definition, like “niggas.”

Hmmm. I must have missed that part. I saw a lot of Patriot players trying to talk to him after the game, and he was pushing them away.

“Simply amazing…and this guy calls himself a “journalist”? What a joke! That article is pure trash and that guy is obviously a mental midget, Pats homer with no real knowledge of football or its players.

“How embarrassing for him. Lets hope he doesn’t reproduce and pollute the world with more idiots like himself.”

There is a difference between a columnist and a journalist. I have NEVER claimed to be a journalist. I was one decades ago and found it boring. And again, I have reproduced and my oldest just registered Republican. The horror.

Let it suffice to say, I’m used to getting this crap.

As a black man, I’ve always wanted what’s best for black people. If there are some out there that think it’s okay for black people to act thuggish on national television, that’s your problem. I’m tired of those who have such low expectations of black people. You are the racists, the bigots, and your post entries prove as much.

As usual, I ask those in San Diego who say I called LaDanian Tomlinson a nigga to show me the line. I have so much respect for anyone who made it to the NFL that I am constantly saddened by actions that detract from the greatness NFL players are.

If in San Diego that makes me an Uncle Tom, so be it.

Bob Parks is a staff writer for the New Media Alliance, Inc. The New Media Alliance is a non-profit (501c3) national coalition of writers, journalists and grass-roots media outlets.

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