Global Warming, Climate Change, Politics and Funding of Think Tanks Considered

By: Lance Winslow

Is the Modern World working to solve the problems of human air pollution in all industrialized nations? Are politicians and world leaders really concerned with the air in the atmosphere? Who started this Global Warming Scare? Is it even real? Well let me give you some more information and then you can decide?

First, let us consider that nothing is being done of any major value to solve the problems of Global Warming, if it is real. Lots of studies are being funded from both sides of the issue and debate, but no major infrastructure is underway.

Instead billions are being thrown at studies and political attacks. Heck, George Soros is spending 80 Million on pumping monies into Think Tanks? Well if that is not causing Think Tanks to discuss Global Warming and come up with reports, I do not know what is. So one can lambaste the Oklahoma Senator or myself or anyone else, but it makes sense for the Global Warming Alarmists to look in the mirror of their own side’s endeavors simultaneously.

The deal I see is everyone is using this as a staging ground to draw battle lines to continue the political sound and fury but, why? I have simply moved beyond that. So, like other innovators, we have the solutions. If folks want them, we have them, if not, that is fine too, but personally, I am not going to join either side of this debate. Everyone knows polluting air or water makes no sense long-term. It is true that I am no environmentalist, I am a Realist and understand all the sides of the debate, whether reported or not.

The decision makers and solution providers must use free-markets to solve problems because using the mass media hysteria and allowing the uninformed masses to choose will not work. They only go for what they saw on TV last night. And do not shoot the messenger for pointing that out. I have been to every city in America and whereas Americans are not stupid people, they tend to be misled too easy in the chaos and controversy of the 4-minute segment, hard break, interview, commentary on the nightly news.

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