They Aren’t That Smart

By: Ken Hughes

Sometimes it takes a brick falling for us to see things as they really are. Sunday I was watching Fox News Sunday, Brit Hume and Juan Williams were debating some of the more ridiculous things Democratic presidential hopefuls were saying. In a somewhat sarcastic manor Juan Williams said to Brit Hume “That’s because they aren’t as smart as you are.” All of a sudden all the lights went on and I realized they aren’t as smart as we are. Most of them [politicians] aren’t smart at all when we look at some of the positions they take on serious issues. Like a gymnast in the Olympics they’ve been spinning and leaping all over the place on some various serious issues, it saves them taking a stand and hopefully they think we’ll forget.

Let me preface this article by saying I predicted the impeachment of Bill Clinton would one day come back to bit Republicans in the A**. Not only was he vindicated he was given a second term as president and since hailed a conquering hero.

Looking around the world at the turmoil no logical person can say it’s because America stands by Israel and invaded Iraq. No sane person can say George Bush is the cause of all the violence in the world. Without question our congress consists of some of the most unintelligent people in our society. You are aware I didn’t say uneducated, education isn’t necessarily a sign of intelligence. Intelligence starts with common sense and comprehension.

The presidential and congressional hopefuls are willing to disregard the sacrifice more than 6,000 American men and women made to stem the tide of terrorism. George Bush gets it. If we leave Iraq and Afghanistan and come home the terrorists will be on the next plane. The terrorists aren’t about construction their about destruction, this is obvious by the way they treat their own people. Reasonably intelligent man and women can’t look at the evening news and not question what the terrorist’s intentions are.

Reasonably intelligent political hopefuls can’t look around them and see what terrorism is about. Either they are or they think we are the dumbest bastards that ever lived. No one with an ounce of sense can think this war is about oil or a contrivance of the Bush administration. A person has to be brain dead to believe what these Democratic candidates are spreading out for the public to picnic on.

When we look back on the Clinton years and recall the rhetoric they spread about the threat Iraq was to us. The 17 resolutions passed by the UN that were disregarded by Saddam Hussein and the many times Bill Clinton sent planes to bomb Iraqi and Afghan cities. The open hostility between our two countries was monumental in the lack of diplomacy practiced by both sides. When congress and the UN sanctioned the invasion of Iraq 70 % of congress stood on the sidelines waving our troops on. At the first sight of blood they turned tail and ran the other way. Back home of the farm we had a name for people with that kind of courage we called them Chicken Sh- [feathered.]

Democrats complain about Bush putting our troops in harms way they seem to forget the story of Black Hawk Down when Clinton allowed a contingent of Marines to be tortured and killed in Mogadishu while he was playing Doctor with Monica. We still have troops in the Balkans that Clinton said wouldn’t be there more than a year. There is entirely too much hypocrisy in the Democratic Party to take anything they say seriously.

Now these same cowards are asking the American public to elect them to run the country, you know what we may just be just dumb enough to do it. We’ve come a long way down the wrong path from those men who died crossing the Delaware River, charging up San Juan Hill and those who climbed Mt. Suribachi on Iwo Jima and never came down.

America isn’t going to be great if it’s turned into a European style socialist state. America became great because men worked hard at making it great. No government socialist program ever made this country greater than the sweat and back braking work of our ancestors. When we consider a choice for any political office remember what John F. Kennedy said. “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country!”

Politicians from the 20th century need to step aside and turn the government over to men and women who understand the 21st century. There’s a lot of wasted talent out there and more wasting has-been’s than we need.

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