The Vegas Vindication

By: Bob Parks

As expected, it seems the previous pieces I wrote about the undesirables in pro sports (and pop culture for that matter) has come full circle. I knew it would, as those I wrote about are as predictable as another sunny day during an Arizona summer.

Half of San Diego wants me “fired” from the sites I write for because they read a line in the piece I never wrote. A conservative black writer colleague banished me from his site because he objected to my referring to gangsta’ thugs as “niggas.” I’ve received the customary vile emails and writing hateful comments in forums because I also dared to call black pro athletes, who are an embarrassment to anyone with a conscience, niggas.

Despite all the criticism and name-calling, I’m condemned because I won’t do as I’m told, get down on my hands and knees, beg for forgiveness and take it back. If I were to do that, I’d have as much integrity as the Anna Nicole judge.

I even took a week off out of a need to re-evaluate. Whenever I write a column that incurs this much raw hatred, I always have to stand back and ask myself if it’s worth it. Today’s “Conscience of the Senate” Robert Byrd said this about Dr. Martin Luther King….

“Martin Luther King fled the scene. He took to his heels and disappeared leaving it to others to cope with the destructive forces he had helped to unleash. And I hope that well-meaning Negro leaders and individuals in the Negro community in Washington will now take a new look at this man who gets other people into trouble, and then takes off like a scared rabbit.”

Now while I would never take off like a scared rabbit, I wonder how many times Dr. King asked himself if it was all worth it? Probably not as much in those days, as black people were more independent than they are now. Black people owned their own businesses, ran their own schools, sold cars, owned grocery stores, movie theaters, etc. Sure, segregation made such self-reliance a necessity, but what changed all that?

Liberal social programs, and instead of admitting they destroyed the black culture of independence, thus the family, people like myself are vilified for pointing out the many negative residuals as a result of programs (experiments) liberals would never implement on themselves. Putting more money into failed government programs are the only examples of animal experimentation they sleep well with.

I was called a racist. White liberals can be racist all they want when it comes to going after a black conservative and I say, “Bring it.” I’m called an Uncle Tom and self-hating black because I dared say that SOME black people, mostly nouveau riche punks, exploited by New York City and Hollywood entertainment leeches, have proven criminal tendencies. I call those in entertainment leeches because what do you call those who make money off the misery of others?

As I know Los Angeles, what would those entertainment types, who glorify the gangsta’ lifestyle by distributing the imagery and “music”, do if those shootings started happening in the quiet sanctuaries of Beverly Hills and Bel Air? They wouldn’t call an MTV crew. They’d call the LAPD and it would be an enough-is-enough scenario.

Frankly speaking, the money, cars, jewelry, and all the women is what Hollywood considers entertainment for our urban youth. However, they also claim that they’re not responsible if people act out what they see on their screens. So at the risk of being called names again, I contend liberals are full of shit when they claim that “24″, a television show, incites our military to torture prisoners. If televised glorification of an uneducated, violent class of people doesn’t lead anyone to emulate that activity, then get the hell off the backs and reputations of our trained, professional men and women in the military.

It’s too easy to get off message….

I was threatened to have my ass kicked the next time in San Diego because I dared quote Chris Rock who, at least in his stand up routine, claims to have as little use for niggas (as opposed to hard-working, law-abiding, descent black people) as I do. No one has yet to give me a reason to change that opinion.

In fact, my opinions were vindicated, yet again, by the 403 arrests that tarnished the mid-February NBA All-Star Weekend in Las Vegas, According to Edward Lawrence of WLAS-TV,

“It wasn’t the shootings, but the general rudeness of the NBA fans which left a lasting impression for some Las Vegans. Teresa Frey, Coco’s general manager said, ‘I have been spit on. I have had food thrown at me. I have lost two servers out of fear. I have locked my doors out of fear of violence.’

“‘It was filled with an element of violence. They don’t want to pay their bills. They don’t want to respect us or each other.’ Frey says she lost 20-percent of her revenue because of people walking out on their bills. She closed the 24-hour restaurant from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. out of concern.”

“Although many Las Vegans, including Teresa Frey, support an NBA team in Las Vegas, she doesn’t want to see another All-Star game anytime soon. ‘ I know that any amount of revenue I made does not justify me being assaulted,’ she said.”

It was reported (and so I’m not misquoted, look it up) that hip hop and gangsta’ types converged on Vegas from a 500-mile radius and there were the expected commotions. As I’ve also written before, almost every hip-hop awards ceremony is usually concluded with having the cops called. I contend this is a pattern, not a coincidence, so screw those of you who call me a sell-out for stating the obvious. What do you call those who remain silent while people die in American streets? If it’s a young blonde, it’s a tragedy. If it’s a young black male, it’s a slow weekend news.

There’s now talk about having the next NBA All-Star game overseas where it would be difficult for unwanted to attend. Why is this? Is the NBA racist, or are people becoming fed up with this hip-hop, gangsta’ stench? Are people finally done with making excuses for criminal behavior? Are people finally tired of the knee-jerk tendency to call those who criticize thugs racists or Uncle Toms?

Amongst the numerous events, Robert Susnar, co-owner of a Vegas strip said trouble started after 4 a.m., when Tennessee Titans cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones and his entourage of a half-dozen people returned to the club for the second time that evening. Exhibiting truly classy behavior, Jones reportedly tossed hundreds of $1 bills on the stripper stage, and Susnar said that when a dancer started grabbing the money without Jones’ permission, he got angry, grabbed her hair and slammed her head against the stage.

As a “self-hating black man” who has many times commented on the lack of respect these thugs show for women, let me see if I have this straight. A pro football player slamming a dancer’s head against the stage is the kind of behavior that we should turn our heads away from simply because that player is black. Just who is the racist or self-hater now?

Before we get too far into this, Pacman Jones has faced criminal charges three times since the Tennessee Titans drafted him sixth overall in 2005. All the charges involve incidents at nightclubs in Tennessee.

Susnar said security guard Aaron Cudworth, a mixed-martial artist with professional fighting experience, intervened and scuffled with Jones and members of his entourage, when Jones then threatened to kill him. According to the owner, order was restored and as everyone moved outside a gunman opened fire toward the front door of the club, hitting Cudworth, security guard Tom Urbanski and a female customer.

According to the AP, “Cudworth, who was shot in the chest and arm, was released from University Medical Center on Tuesday. Urbanski, 43, remained at the hospital in critical condition. He was expected to live, but a bullet severed his spine and paralyzed him below the waist, his father told the paper. “He’s going to be paralyzed for life, and what did he do?” Don Urbanski said. “I just want somebody to pay for it.”

Good luck. In the no-conscious thug world, “snitching” can get you killed. One thought we were over this kind of organized, criminal, witness intimidation after John Gotti died in prison. How many young black men have been shot dead in the street and nobody knows nothing? There are those who claim that since the victims were mostly young black males, that’s the reason their murders have not been solved. You know, nobody cares.

Maybe it could also be because those who may have information don’t consider them worth dying for. That’s a sad indictment on an entire popular culture.

I was asked a question no elected official has the guts to tackle: What would I do about this?

Nothing will change until, as Colin Powell once said, there is the introduction of shame in the black community. There will be no change until academic achievement is celebrated and not labeled as “acting white.” The doctor, the lawyer, the software designer, and the teacher must be more revered in the black community than the crack dealer, the rapper, and the jock.

And liberals must have their chokehold on the black community loosened. Liberals have pledged to solve problems only black people can solve. Obviously, depending on the liberal has borne no fruit. Self-reliance is the only philosophy that will raise black people out of poverty, and will teach most that there is a right and a wrong. Teresa Frey of the Las Vegas Coco’s knows that killing the messenger doesn’t make people act in a more responsible manner.

Until the nigga becomes an endangered species, we will have more young people dying before their time. Until the nigga becomes an endangered species, more store owners will become victimized and their patrons put at risk. How many more people who just went to work one night, need be paraiyzed for life simply because one spoiled millionaire athlete was told beating a woman was the wrong thing to do?

Believe it or not, this reflects on all black people. I use “the word” because that’s how these people are acting. Others use it because they see the criminal acts, place us all in that catagory, but I’m the bad guy for expecting a higher standard for black people.

In a few days, Black History Month 2007 will be over. We have eleven months before we can measure our progress and hope we got a good grade. Then again, we know what some call black people with good grades….

Bob Parks is a staff writer for the New Media Alliance, Inc. The New Media Alliance is a non-profit (501c3) national coalition of writers, journalists and grass-roots media outlets.

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