This Just In: California Court Issued Common-Sense Ruling…in 2006!

By: John Lillpop

In a breathtaking departure from a long-standing judicial tradition, the California Court of Appeal panel in San Francisco issued a common -sense ruling on August 12, 2006.

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Repeating: Anonymous sources are claiming that a common-sense ruling has been issued by a California court.

Unnamed sources also claim that National Guard troops are quietly being redeployed from California airports to the court in San Francisco, but Governor Schwarzenegger has not yet commented officially on that aspect of this momentous story.

At issue is California’s requirement that students pass an exit exam that measures math and English skills in order to graduate.

About 40,000 students, or 9.1 percent of the 2006 senior class, failed at least one section. Students can take the test an infinite number of times, but must pass both sections in order to graduate.

Attorney Arturo Gonzalez, representing some of the students who challenged the exam requirement, said the latest ruling will be appealed to the state Supreme Court.

Earlier this spring, Gonzalez alleged “discrimination,” against minority and low-income students who were unable to pass the exam.

The San Francisco attorney apparently does not understand that the express purpose of exams is to determine if students have mastered subject matter well enough to be granted a certificate of achievement—in this case, a high school diploma.

To the extent that the exam “discriminates” against students who fail the exam, Gonzalez has a point.

But is that not the purpose of exams to begin with?

For example, in order for Gonzalez to practice law, he was required to first pass the bar exam. On the other hand, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was unable to pass the bar and has been forced into politics for which there are no educational, intellectual, moral or ethical requirements.

According to Gonzales’ illogical logic, Mayor Villaraigosa is a victim of discrimination.

In fact, however, Mayor Villaraigosa is just not bright enough to earn an honest living by practicing law.

In the same vein, the California high-school exam does not measure race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, credit score, personality, level of poverty, parental English usage or liberal wackiness.

The questions concern math and English. Period! End of story, next case please.

Gonzalez also fails to recognize the “discrimination” students will face in the real work world without basic math and English skills.

Indeed, students need to be aware that when looking for work in Silicon Valley and other high-technology venues, there will be no nutcase liberal attorney waiting in the wings to argue on behalf of unqualified job applicants.

In other words, Intel is looking for people who can design chips, not eat them.

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