Social Security – It Is Time To End It

By: Tom Fowler

Regardless of what we as a nation do, social security is a system that is broken beyond repair. There is really nothing we can do to “fix” it. The time has come to dismantle it and return the responsibility of planning for ones retirement back to the individual. Those who do not plan accordingly should expect to be cared for and provided for by their family as has been the norm for most of the history of this nation and of the world. Neither I nor anyone else, other than you and your family should be expected to contribute to your retirement.

Having said that however, the federal government has made a commitment to provide a source of income to millions of individuals who have acquired the necessary work credits and paid into the system through forced payroll deduction. This commitment cannot be ignored.

At this point the dollar figures are really of no consequence. There is only one logical solution. First, we must end any further forced deduction of payments from workers’ paychecks. Secondly, anyone under the age of, oh, say 45, would have all money which they have paid into the system returned to them. They would then be free to either blow it, save it, or invest it. The choice would be theirs and they would have to live with any negative consequences. And lastly, those aged 45 and above should be given the choice of remaining in the system or having their money returned as well. For those who choose to remain in the system, the federal government would be obliged to suck it up and fulfill it’s commitment to them.

With some extensive budget slashing in other areas the financial impact on our govenment would be only slightly painful and in about 50 years or so, this nightmare we call social security will finally be over.

Parents would be well advised to begin teaching their children at the earliest age, the importance of saving at least 10 percent of their gross income towards retirement. This is a lesson that can be taught very early on whenever they receive a monetary gift from relatives or Grandpa slips them a couple of bucks, as well as when and if they receive an allowance. Form the habit early and they will likely retire quite comfortably. We can, by properly instructing our children on matters of financial security, eliminate the need for this unconstitutional program.

Social Security is a program that should never have been implemented. It is time to bring this chapter in the socialization of America to a close.

Tom Fowler is a United States Air Force veteran and founder of the recently launched Conservative Constitutionalist Party

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