Let Them All Out

By: Carolyn Hileman

The drug smugglers, sex offenders, rapists, con artists, prostitutes and murderers, hell why not, we are no longer a nation of laws we area nation of law breakers. A nation of lazy people who would rather look the other way than follow the law and arrest and detain or deport anyone. We would much rather understand them than deal with them or their behavior, we get all tore up because we are separating them from their families, the two border patrol agents have families I have yet to hear of any liberals crying over that have you?

For that matter I will bet that the other people who are in the jails or prison have families too, oh my we must let them out!! We must not separate families at any cost, we must allow the murderers and child molesters roam our streets because they might have a family to support… Let the Enron people out we know they have families and they have an expensive lifestyle that they cannot maintain without these people. All they were doing was trying to better their lives, I mean really so what if they had to kill someone to do it, breaking and entering is no longer a crime so let those people out as well, just think of how much we would save in taxes?

There would be no more protests, we could all live in peace if we would just lower our standards and accept that people do bad things sometimes for the right reasons and besides who really wants to break up a family? Just think about now we can all share equally, that is right I will not have to work because you already do and you have to share with me. You know I think I like your house much better than mine I think I will just move right on in, what you don’t want me there? Oh come now, we are sharing the wealth, we are thinking about others, we are being understanding and besides if you don’t do it, I will call you a name and all my brothers and sisters will take to the street and demand that you do…

Know someone who is homeless because they lost their job to our newest residents? Send them to the local Catholic church to live, a pew is much better than a sidewalk and it will be much warmer as well. After all they are running around saying that the church must be there for all people, I think it is time to put them to the test don’t you think? I have finally taken a long look around me and I have given up, the people of this country do not have the guts to enforce laws that are already on the books, no one has the time or the want to fight for this country and if they do you can bet they are in Iraq and are being called anything but a hero.

But if we the great United States of America are going to fold without even a whimper, if we are going to allow criminals to walk our streets it might as well include the home grown ones as well, so go get the keys, open up those doors and LET THEM ALL OUT!!!

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