God, Government, The

By: Keith Allison

As most of my readers already know, I seldom, if ever, write any commentaries regarding theological issues. Today’s commentary is an exception to that rule.

With every passing day, it becomes more and more clear that our politicians, courts, bureaucrats and liberal elements of society have as their agenda, the intent of hammering it into our thick skulls that America is not a Christian nation. Our courts routinely command that we are not to be allowed to praise God or pray to him, in any public venue. Despite our constitutional right to practice any religion when and where we wish, our courts tell us we cannot do it at any athletic event or other public venue. Supposedly, this is because we might offend someone by praying to our Christian God.

Recently, when a chaplain with time on active duty behind him publicly prayed in the name of Jesus Christ, he was summarily dismissed from the United States Navy. And yet, any time a Muslim or any other denomination feels a need to pray, he/she can throw a rug to the ground anywhere they please, unroll it, face Mecca, and pray to his/her hearts content. It matters not if a Christian might be offended by other religions being able to practice their beliefs, unfettered by government interference whenever and wherever they wish. We, as Christians, are supplicating ourselves to non Christian believers, and allowing our public servants to deny us this basic constitutional right.

Politicians with little, if any, respect for our Constitution stack our courts with judges of the same ilk, and do nothing whenever these judicial legislators undermine the sanctity of the Constitution. Of course the judges themselves do nothing whenever government enacts and/or attempts to enforce an unconstitutional statute. It appears these judicial activists are placed in the courts of the land for but one purpose, and that is to subvert the Constitution through blind obedience to unconstitutional government agenda’s. Their intent appears to be to turn America into a godless society; a society hell bent on practicing every form of deviant behavior ever conjured up by mankind. As a result, our freedoms of speech, thought, press, our rights to possess firearms, to own property, to associate with whomever we please without government sanctions being applied against us, and yes, even our inherent right to an honest, unbiased trial by a jury of our peers, appear to be in grave danger. If you have Christian belief’s that fly in the face of the homosexual communities’ desires, our politicians will gladly enact legislation that will cause you to be thrown in jail for enunciating your Christian beliefs.

Feeling as I do about this issue, my contempt for the majority of the legal community, and the judicial and legislative systems, knows no bounds. Think of it folks, think about how our temporary president uses “signings” to circumvent the legislature. Think about how our gasoline and oil products are taxed to build and maintain our interstate/intrastate road systems. But, our legislators cut backroom deals to either sell off or lease out these public assets to private companies and/or foreign nations so they can further negatively impact our economic survival with toll roads.

So, why do our public officials do these things? Frankly, I believe that when they finally achieve their obvious goal of destroying our Christian ethic, they will then be able to toss our Constitution onto the dung heap of history. As any right minded historian or theologian will tell you, our Constitution is based upon the word of God, it is not a “living document” to be changed at the whims of special interest groups, corrupt politicians, judges, or bureaucrats. Think about it, should we lose our Christian heritage we can no longer lay claim to the fact that the Constitution is based on theological edicts. Government will then be able to follow through with the concept that our freedoms are based upon government granted privileges, not God’s words.

The Founding Fathers gave our Constitution deep consideration when they gave us our REPUBLIC, not a democracy ruled by convenience or questionable ethics. The Constitution is the law of the land, and is to be followed without question, and that means that in order to be legitimate, all statutory law must comply with the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

As it stands, if we don’t hold these public officials accountable for their actions, we will most certainly lose our individual, God given freedoms. Give it some serious thought folk’s, think very seriously at election time of replacing our current crop of politicians, judges and bureaucrats who are apparently intent on destroying our CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC.

Knowledge is the key that unlocks the shackles of bondage.

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