Feeding At The Lobbyist’s Trough Part II

By: Keith Allison

Continuing my commentary on Feeding At The Lobbyist’s Trough, I now want to deal with the damage any illegal regulatory system does to the public’s economic welfare. For convenience sake, and because I happen to have a little knowledge about the subject, this commentary will deal with the damage the dental lobby has done to the public.

For arguments sake, let’s assume the Dental Association in your state spends in the neighborhood of $100,000.00 every year on what’s euphemistically called “campaign contributions.” In most cases, I’m sure the amount far exceeds that figure, but in others it is probably a little less.

I’ve already covered a little of the constitutional issues and your common law right to earn a living at your chosen occupation in my earlier commentaries. As a result, we know that anyone who is illegally deprived of their constitutional and/or common law rights has a grievance against those who deprive them of their rights. Denturists and/or dental laboratory owners have a legitimate constitutional, common law, and anti-trust lawsuits against the dental community and government entities for the deprivation of their rights. However, what is seldom considered is that any person who has been forced to go to a dentist in order to obtain their full and/or partial dentures, or to have them repaired, adjusted, or relined, also has a potential lawsuit against government and dentistry. In a case of that magnitude, the public would probably be better served through a class action lawsuit against these two entities.

Why? Simply stated, it’s because those people were denied their right to freedom of choice in their health care provider. I say that because every empirical report I’ve ever read on the subject, tells the reader that denturists and/or the practice of denturitry represent little, if any, potential for harm to the public. Therefore, since it is obvious that if a person goes to a denturist for their denture or partial denture needs, the likelihood they will be harmed in the process, is negligible at best. In reality, there is little difference between wearing a pair of shoes and any patient removable prosthetic. Think about it folks, what would you do if you bought a new pair of shoes and they rubbed a blister on your foot. Wouldn’t you just remove the shoes until you could have them adjusted? Sure you would. The same thing applies to any full or partial denture.

That being the case, what right does any government entity have to deny the public the right to choose going to a denturist for the provision of their denture and/or partial denture services? The answer is, of course, absolutely none! So then, why have public officials allowed restrictive legislation to be enacted that gives dentistry a monopoly on everything they describe as the practice of dentistry? The answer is simple, and it can be described in just two words; campaign contributions. That’s right folks, those campaign contributions that lobbyists, government officials, and special interest group’s claim only assures them access to the decision makers in government.

I disagree with the assertion it only gives dentists access to the powers that be in government. Logic tells us that those campaign contributions serve but one purpose, and that is to buy and pay for the politicians’ votes on whatever legislation a special interest group, like dentistry, wants enacted to give themselves a monopoly on dealing with the public. What better way is there to fleece the public of their hard earned money, than to force them to have access to but one source for their denture and partial denture needs?

But, I can’t say that denturists are any better than dentists when it comes to greed and avarice. Like any other special interest group, they too have restrictive regulatory statutes enacted for the sole purpose of eliminating potential competition. After all, isn’t that what the regulatory system is about these days? Isn’t it all about eliminating competition and being able to demand exorbitant prices for their services? Yep, like government, the regulatory system always comes back to the money; money for the practitioner, and money under the table for corrupt judges, attorneys, legislators and bureaucrats.

Knowledge is the key that unlocks the shackles of bondage.

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