Fighting With Both Hands Tied Behind Our Backs

By: Carolyn Hileman

It seems every single move we make is blocked by either the ACLU, the democrats, the churches and people who really think it is not our business. You are left to wonder what exactly can one person do? Yet we seem to think a man who has been under attack by all of these forces since the day he walked into office is going to be able to turn this all around by himself without anyone behind him. This man cannot go to the bathroom without someone criticizing him for doing it instead of bringing home the troops, yet he is somehow, single handedily going to get the democrats to change their stance on immigration and if he doesn’t well hell he is not worth a damn thing.

If you think you are tired, just imagine the daily pressure that man is under and not just on this issue either. It is totally amazing to me how Bush is the traitor when it is Kennedy that will be out speaking to the Irish this afternoon and he is bringing back his bill next week, but do we dare call the almighty Kennedy what he is? Do we dare call McCain what he is? Do we dare call out the unions for hiding away from the issue altogether except when it comes to trucks? Do we dare go after the businesses that hire them? No, we go after one man, one man we effectively weakened in the last election and when he doesn’t do everything we say we call him names, we turn our back on him and let the rest of them get away Scott free. Shame on us all.

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