Slave Descendants Need No Apology, Should Be Thankful

By: Tom Fowler

U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen, (D. TENN.) has introduced a bill calling for the U.S. Government to apologize for slavery. This piece of legislation is as much of a waste of time and taxpayer dollars as the recent non-binding resolution on President Bush’s troop surge in Iraq.

This is nothing more than an attempt by Cohen to pander to his predominantly black constituancy in an effort to bolster his position in the next election in 2008 and perhaps assuage some guilt he may feel. Virtually every move he has made as a member of Congress has been for those reasons.

It appears that Cohen shares the opinion of many columnists that most white Americans have some lingering guilt over this Americas involvement in slavery. On the contrary, I assert that most white Americans give little thought to the matter and see
no need for such legislation or an apology. I suppose his next piece of pandering legislation will be calling for reparations.

Yes slavery was a horrible and inhumane system but the key word here is WAS. It existed, it ended, and there are no
Americans alive today who either owned slaves or whom were slaves. It was what it was, and it is time to drop it and move on.

Americans of African descent should be grateful that their ancestors paid the price, albeit unwillingly, that their descendants may one day live as free citizens of this great nation with all the rights and privelges thereof instead of living the bleak struggle for existence that most Africans do in their native countries today.

Were it not for slavery, there would never have been a Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Were it not for slavery, there would have never been a George Washington Carver.

Were it not for slavery, there would never have been a Thurgood Marshall, Clarence Thomas, Condoleezza Rice, or Colin Powell.

Were it not for slavery, there would be no Americans of African descent.

Just as He did when he placed the Israelites in bondage, God likewise had His reason for placing the Africans in bondage. Perhaps one day we will understand that reason.

Tom Fowler is a United States Air Force veteran and founder of the recently launched Conservative Constitutionalist Party.

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