Not Everything, Is As It Seems

By: Lee Kent Hempfling

Face it. Not everything, is as it seems.

Hillary is counting on you not seeing the forest for the trees. Barak probably means everything he says and he may not even be aware of his position in things but Hillary is. So is her mentor, George Soros.

Soros never does anything top-down. He is a strong believer in the bottom-up theory of manipulation. Bottom-up proponents build systems to work within systems to reach their goals, they do not try to overthrow or overcome them, directly. It leaves that process completely open to scrutiny, if one bothers to follow the trail from bottom to top, but it does make for a quickly generated plan execution.

That plan is to elect Hillary Clinton to the Whitehouse.

To get there one could take the top-down approach and throw all of the weight, muscle and money of Soros and the same ilk behind her or one could take the bottom-up approach and build the system within the system. Throw your money behind Obama. Let Hillary lead her campaign from the angles that make for the most reactionary supporters, cause a little dust-up from time to time between the two candidates, where each somehow manages to smooth things over then when the primaries hit, they each run hard knowing full well the reality of this country, at this time will not elect a far left liberal male to the Whitehouse, black or white.

Use the media to your advantage, in a bottom-up scheme, by feeding them sound bites from both sides and wind up squeezing out the competition seeking the same position (Biden who?); then, when the primaries end, and the votes are in and the new order of primaries dictated by the Democratic National Committee winds up making sure Obama gets a good start, but Hillary wins the nomination, there will be healing required to make it all feel better and start that group hug.

When they hug, the Hillary-Obama ticket will have been cast in stone, but the mold for that disaster of a team to lead the horse to the liberal special-interests was already made, and set up through a gullible, reactionary press who are torn between two lovers. Edwards can wander the wilderness alone, even when the anti-Christian bloggers he used made that difficult, the press didn’t bother with it. Edwards doesn’t matter. Only he, does not yet know it. Kerry dropped out of any potential to go up against the bottom-up ticket. He has to know that would not be a good idea.

It doesn’t matter that Obama claimed to have been born from the civil rights march in Selma, but was already alive when he was born. It doesn’t matter that Hillary panders so well that she mistakenly slipped into the corn-pone of a southern drawl while reading a passage that was written in the phrases of bondage. That subconscious need to be inclusive (after all it is a village isn’t it?) resulted in disrespecting the writer of the passage, the people of the south and the people she was speaking to. She isn’t as good at that as Bill was. It does not matter what else Obama will do in this campaign, he has only one place in the future and that is to take Al Gore’s boot licking chair to the Clintons and love doing it.

The congress is busy trying to make scandals from incorrectly heard phrases. The administration has been quietly cleaning its house. People have been fired or resigned and until a lot were let go on the same day, nobody noticed. The politics of the 2008 Presidential election have not even started. The campaign is underway, the powers that wish to be are controlling every movement of the left, while the power that ‘will’ be, is staying quiet. (No, that is not Chris Dodd!)

The liberal blogs will continue to be wagged, and spew forth hate every moment of it as they vent nothing, to people who have not seen anything.

When Obama finds his place, his money will go to Hillary (a good investment is counter-balanced); even though the new ‘war-monger’, investing giant of Halliburton (who, along with his organizations know a good hedge when they see one) has acted like he’s picked a new mule to hitch his sanity wagon up to. He’s just doing what he does best: controlling things from the bottom up.

Not everything, is as it seems.

Lee Kent Hempfling is a human who writes books about humans and other creations at and tracks logic in science at The latest book is part three of West WithOut Heaven entitled, “Monkey See, Monkey Do” and explains awareness, consciousness and free-will. Parts one and two, like part three are free to the public in pdf download. No royalties of any kind are taken by the author. Previous books include, “The Brain Is A Wonderful Thing” and “Modern Mysticism”.

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