Eating At The Lobbyists’ Trough Part III

By: Keith Allison

In my prior commentaries, I brought forth information in my possession related to corruption within the legislative, judicial, and bureaucratic tier’s of government. It matters not whether that corruption is a result of action taken by a seated Superior Court Judge, a bureaucrat or legislator lining his/her pockets with illicit cash for the purpose of influencing legislation or an unconstitutional Administrative Code, a State Attorney General, or the Governor. Corruption is corruption regardless of who the instigator is. Part III of my commentary will expose more of that corruption in Washington State.

Several months ago, I was being harassed by an out of state business with bills for something I had neither ordered, nor received. I notified them that since I had neither ordered nor received their product, I had no obligation to pay them. But, my efforts were of no avail, and they continued sending me obnoxious letters threatening to turn “my account over to a collection agency.” Having gotten a belly full of their intimidation tactics, I wrote to the Consumer Protection Division of The Office of The Washington State Attorney General, and asked if there wasn’t something they could do about the miscreants that were billing me for something I hadn’t received.

A week or so after sending my letter to the A.G.’s office, I received a letter from one of the staff assistant A.G.’s stating that they would look into the matter, but they couldn’t, by law, act as my attorney’s if it became necessary to sue the company. The letter went on to say they could only represent government interest, not the interests of private citizens. Within a few weeks time, I received another letter from the A.G.’s office telling me they had contacted the firm and thought they had finally corrected the problem. They must have, because I haven’t received any more bills from the firm. So, what’s so interesting about that you ask?

Well, after filing the federal lawsuit against our governor, attorney general, dentists, denturists and several state entities and private citizens, I eventually received a legal document from the Tort Division of The Office of The Washington State Attorney General. The document informed the plaintiff’s that the A.G.’s office would be representing the legal interests of the members and/or employees of the Washington Denturist Association, and Citizens For Affordable Dentures. Remarkable, isn’t it? Although I had been told that in my dispute with that disreputable firm that had been trying to bill me for something I didn’t want or have, The Office of The Attorney General couldn’t represent the interests of a private citizen in a civil action, they were now doing an about face.

Now let’s see, the members and/or employees of The Washington Denturist Association and Citizens for Affordable Dentures are all private citizens, and the denturist association and Citizens for Affordable Dentures are private entities aren’t they? I don’t believe that any of them are directly or indirectly affiliated with any part of state government. So, how can Rob McKenna, our illustrious attorney general authorize elements of his office to represent the interest of these private citizens and/or entities? Could there possibly be a double standard at play here? Nah, government wouldn’t do anything as disreputable as that. I mean, come on, these people epitomize the highest degree of honesty and integrity. Well, don’t they?

I suppose there is the possibility that they are simply trying to cover up the state’s involvement in enforcing the unconstitutional Denturist Licensing Act and/or their involvement in depriving denturists of their common law right to earn a living at their chosen craft. Do you think that could be it? Or, maybe Rob McKenna thinks he can somehow use his position of power to stop me from informing a jury about his prior knowledge of the fraud, extortion, racketeering, conspiracy, constitutional and anti-trust activities involved in that Denturist Licensing Act. Or, it could be that he doesn’t want it to get out that he denied that under the leadership of Christine Gregoire, his office refused to comply with the orders of Superior Court Judges to hold full evidentiary hearings into the denturist matter.

Mr. McKenna, I have a tape recording of that interview I did with you on those subjects, and I fully intend to play it for a federal jury to hear.

Knowledge is the key that unlocks the shackles of bondage.

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