Right of Return

By: Emile Robinson

Since May of 1948, Muslims have had to deal with the existence of an entity in the Middle East unlike any they have faced in their religion before. The tiny nation of Israel came to life in one day after thousands of years of not having a homeland and the world of Islam instantly had a new enemy. Recent history has proven that this small ‘Zionist entity’ is more than their collective match. Every attempt made by militaries of the Muslim world to remove this nation and drive its citizens into the sea has ended with more humiliation for them. How would Americans deal with being defeated repeatedly in military conflicts by Cuba? Losing to your enemy is never good but knowing you will be able to try it again makes the bitter pill of defeat somewhat easier to swallow.

Muslims see the existence of Israel as an affront to Islam that must be rectified at all costs. The true hidden agenda of the so-called ‘Right of Return’ is to take back the land that Muslims feel is theirs. What proves this to be the case, is the fact that this condition to peace will never be dropped by Muslims. This to Muslims is the sure fire way to alleviate the Middle East of the ‘Zionist Entity’ without having to suffer through another humiliating military defeat. If Muslims can become the religious majority of Israel they can then vote the nation out of existence. As a minority in their own country Jews could then expect to be hung or beheaded before the dreaded drive into the Mediterranean Sea.

Further proof of the deceitful intentions of the Muslims in conflict with Israel is their total neglect for years of the Palestinian people. If the Muslim world really had deep concern for these people they would accept them into their countries as their religious brothers rather than quarantining them to refuge camps knowing as long as they suffer they could blame it all on the Jews. All bordering Muslim countries have denied citizenship to these people and treated them with wholehearted disgust while at the same time blaming Israel for their hardships. Is it not worse to be treated as a less than by your brother than your enemy, who you would expect to treat you with disrespect? Contrarily, Arabs and Muslims are welcomed in Israel and treated as normal citizens, unlike how religious minorities are oppressed in majority Muslim nations.

One of the most unfortunate lies perpetrated in the world today is that talking to your rivals and enemies will lead to peace. Conflict resolution through diplomacy can be very difficult if not impossible to achieve between people who have always had discord with each other. It would seem to be impossible when you get into the fact that a religion can have in their sacred texts the charge to their followers to slaughter those who do not believe the same as them. How is talking to someone who believes God tells them to kill you for not believing as they do, going to help you? No matter what you say, they are still going to believe in their God and his will for your death. Diplomacy is for settling minor disputes between nations not for deciding whether a country has the right to exist in this world. It should be rather obvious that existence is something worth fighting for, even to your last citizen, if survival is considered worthwhile. Whenever your survival is questioned, if living means anything, then fighting the force seeking your death should be of the utmost importance.

The Israel – Muslim conflict will continue until one side is successful in the wholesale destruction of the other. Dialogue will never change the religious differences between these two parties. The bottom line is that someone is wrong in their faith. That’s not an easy thing to accept but reality is that the God of Israel is not the same as the God of Islam, and both can’t exist. And in being wrong one of these sides is angering the one, true God. One side will have to pay dearly for their unjust killing and disrespectful acts towards the other. To me personally it is rather evident who is in the wrong and is being punished by the true God for it. Who has been around thousands of years and should be more dominant, but can’t even defeat a small nation that has only existed in the last sixty years? Who is constantly at war with itself and fights viciously to recapture land that was theirs for thousands of years but never once had a state called ‘Palestine’? On the other side you see a nation that is obviously liked by some ‘higher’ power. How else can you explain when repeatedly facing their total defeat, surrounded by their enemies on all sides, this small, young country has fought off all that have wished to destroy it?

Mr. Emile Roberson
Covington, La

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