The Door Is Still Wide Open

By: Carolyn Hileman

There will be no moment of silence around the world on the anniversary of their death; there will be no memorial with their names read aloud with a bell tolling after each one. There families will never receive checks totaling in the thousands of dollars given by people moved to action by the death of their loved one, the hallowed ground on which their blood was spilled will never be marked with memorials or statues, people will not visit the place and relive the pain, except those who loved them.

There will not be thousands of websites dedicated to remembering their death, yet they just like the 2996 people we do mourn yearly were killed by the hands of someone who was not supposed to be here and who showed no respect for the land in which they chose to live. However these people have names, names like David March, Dustin Inman, Anabella Vara, Kenneth Caldera, Steven Morales, Tiffany Rios, Olivia Munguia and her cousin, fifteen-year-old Jessica Zavala. There is no way to include them all these are just a very few of the ones we know about.

What the family members must have felt when their killers were allowed to just walk back across the border or disappear into thin air; they must have felt as though they were living a night mare. Not only was their loved one stolen from them, but the people responsible were untouchable and some of which are still walking our streets today. When the people marched in our streets on March 24th what must they have been thinking when there was absolutely no move to stop them, detain them or deport them? When the news started saying how family oriented they were it must have felt like a knife had been stuck in their back, their country was in the process of turning their back on them in their time of need.

Today these families grieve alone, some do not say much because most people think they should be over it by now, but how does one just get over having their loved snatched from them for no other reason than your government failed to protect them. Billy Inman had no idea when he left home on June 16, 2000 for his Fathers day celebration that a door had been left open, you can almost hear the laughing and talking as they planned the day ahead, still not knowing that a door had been left open. Being a good man and a good example to his son he stopped at a red light, not knowing a door had been left open.

That door was not left open by anyone in the Inman family it was left open by our government and that open door let in a killer who not only killed Billy’s son but injured him and his wife. We all try to follow the rules, stop at red lights, but not all of us have another car plow into us and push us into another car. Not all of us are so badly injured that we cannot even attend our own sons funeral. But that door is still wide open.

Not everyone is affected by this as of yet, as a matter of fact there are a lot of people who still do not believe this is a problem. They shout slogans like everyone is human, and no human is illegal, love thy neighbor and the list goes on, but they were not sitting in that car that day when Dustin Inman’s life came to a screeching halt. They were not there when David March or Kris Eggle were shot to death. They simply did not see with their own eyes the devastation brought on by leaving that door open. They push it out of their mind not unlike they did before 9/11 when our people were being killed in terrorist attacks abroad. It was so easy to do after all it never touched their lives.

They change the wording so that it doesn’t sound so bad, it isn’t illegal it is undocumented, they aren’t criminals they are just poor people trying to better their lives, because if they change the wording it somehow makes it easier to ignore. They can go on living their lives because there really isn’t anything bad out there, it hasn’t hit too close to home and besides things like that happen to other people in other places. So they drive their small cars, so as not to pollute the atmosphere, they march in peace protests, eat their organic foods all so they can save the world, all the while leaving the door wide open.

These senseless tragedies, never should have happened but because of our governments depraved indifference they did, and our government has yet to be held accountable for any one of them, perhaps that is why thy tend not to look. If we are lucky we will never have our names or the names of our family members listed on a page that tells people that we were just another statistic. If we are lucky we will be more than just a number, more than just another senseless tragedy, we will feel safe to stop at a red light, do our jobs, and befriend immigrants who come to our shores legally until that day though we will still have to wonder. We will still have to wonder when we pass them on the street, when we see them in the supermarket and in our rear view mirror because my friends the door is still wide open.

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