Mostly in Denial about the Fem-Fascists

By: Carey Roberts

I first offer an apology to my readers who may be put off by the tone of this week’s column. But as I explain below, I have reached the conclusion that modern-day feminism has become totalitarian in its ideology, tactics, and objectives.

Nancy Hopkins, an M.I.T. biology professor who presumably knew something about sex differences, had a fainting fit at the mention that maybe, just maybe, there are innate distinctions between men and women.

The man who uttered the heresy, who happened to be the president of Harvard University, was subjected to a firestorm of criticism and abuse. Drew Gilpin Faust was named to head up the investigation. At the time Faust was the head of the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, “one of the most powerful incubators of feminist complaint and nonsensical academic theory in the country,” reveals Heather MacDonald.

Despite serial apologies and a truce offer packaged as a $50 million faculty diversity program, president Lawrence Summers was eventually forced to step down. And last month Harvard University named his replacement — you guessed it, Drew Gilpin Faust.

And that’s how the radical feminists staged a bloodless coup d’etat at America’s most prestigious university, all in the space of two short years.

Last week David Horowitz of the Center for the Study of Popular Culture revealed the reach of feminist hegemony. Horowitz reviewed program descriptions from 100 Women’s Studies programs around the country and found that “Indoctrination in dogmatic creeds such as gender feminism” has become “an orthodoxy.” [source]

For anyone who knows the history of eastern Europe in the 1950s or of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, these accounts are sure to send chills running up your spine.

Some courageous souls have taken it upon themselves to expose the power plays.

Take judge Robert Dierker of the 22nd Judicial Court of Missouri. When a sexual harassment case came before him, Dierker not only ruled against the claim, he also made an aside about the “cloud cuckooland of radical feminism.” Oh my! That remark brought down the PC police, forcing Dieker to explain whether he harbored any “preconceived bias against women.”

Eventually cleared of the charge, Dieker felt compelled to write the must-read book, “The Tyranny of Tolerance.” His account highlights the “schizoid femifascist philosophy – which oscillates between demanding equality with men and demanding better treatment than men.” With bracing candor Dieker reveals, “At its core, the femifascist agenda is based on hatred for men. Hatred is not too strong a word to apply to the most radical feminism.”

No surprise, a complaint has already been filed with the Missouri’s judicial oversight commission. After all, only those who espouse the truth should have the right to free speech.

Women are beginning to lose patience with the Lavender Ladies, as well. In Germany, TV anchorwomen Eva Herman wrote a book last year credited with spurring the anti-feminist revolution. Now she has released the sequel, “Dear Eva Herman.” The work contains letters from women like this: “The fact you’ve been criticized as being a traitor towards women shows just what sort of femi-fascism we have to live under nowadays.”

Most think of fascists as jackbooted brownshirts leading away the innocent at midnight. That’s not happening in America, of course.

But think twice – are you aware of the unfettered power we have ceded to the state under the rubric of curbing “domestic violence”?

Guys, imagine you get into an argument with your wife. Nothing physical, just a once-in-a-blue-moon blow-out. But a neighbor or passer-by overhears your wife’s screams, and calls the police.

Guess what, you’ll be hustled out of your house, probably in handcuffs. And then they’ll stamp the indelible ‘A’ on your record – Abuser. According to one report, this is a commonplace event — one million American men are preemptively ordered out of their homes each year, even when no physical abuse is even alleged. [source]

This unprecedented roll-back of rights in the name of stopping partner abuse is happening in other countries as well.

In India, almost anything qualifies as domestic “violence,” and now we’re seeing a rash of suicides by falsely-accused husbands. And Mexico just passed a law that could put a man in jail simply because he became jealous.(!)

When he was president, Ronald Reagan explained, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”

Now, a generation after those words were spoken, we are coming to terms with a new and undeniable threat to our liberties, our values, and our families: fem-fascism.

Carey Robets is a staff writer for the New Media Alliance, Inc. The New Media Alliance is a non-profit (501c3) national coalition of writers, journalists and grass-roots media outlets.

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