Have We No Compassion? What About The Haitians?

By: John Lillpop

As millions of illegal aliens marched in cities all across America DEMANDING citizenship and full rights after ignoring US borders and immigration laws, one must cautiously wonder: What next?

How about the good people of Haiti? There is hardly a more oppressed, impoverished people in the world. Haitians have other advantages:

They are uneducated, illiterate, people of color. Perfect future Democrats, in other words.

They do not speak English. Another ideal match, if you are stuck with a warped, liberal mind.

Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Haitians set sail for the American Dream each year in leaky old wooden pallets, unsuitable for use as kindling wood, much less navigating the sea.

Risking life and limb, these courageous people come only in pursuit of a better life.

Unlike Mexicans coming to reconquer the American Southwest, Haitians come only for freedom and–work.

Unfortunately for Haitians, they are usually intercepted at sea before reaching the US mainland, and turned back. Those who somehow make it in are immediately jailed, and prepared for deportation.

But to be perfectly fair, why shouldn’t Haitians be allowed to assemble in major American cities and demand, demand, demand?

There are only 8.5 million of them. Surely we have room for a few hundred million more?

But, you say, Haitians would have to cross the sea, not a land border.


So, here is my plan.

Haitians, start your life pallets and head for–Mexico!

Once there, you can simply stroll across the US border and start demanding rights, food, education, health care–in short, the American Dream.

After all, as good-hearted, hard-working peasants you deserve American citizenship.

Don’t believe me? Ask any American liberal!

Caution to Haitians: Do NOT get caught as an illegal alien in Mexico.

Folks there will regard you as a felon, and you can expect very harsh treatment from the same fools who think America should turn our beautiful nation over to 30,000,000 Mexican peasants.

One other tip: Once you arrive in Mexico, follow the taco and Cuervo beer lines to Los Angeles. Once a proud, majestic city, LA is now the Illegal Alien Capitol of the World.

The man in charge there, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, loves illegal aliens. He already babysits for about 10 million in Los Angeles, so I am sure he can find room for some needy Haitians.

Mayor Villaraigosa will arrange for all your needs, including voting ballots, housing, driver’s licenses, education, food, health care–the whole ball of wax.

Worried about language barriers? Fret not! Mayor Villaraigosa will require all public service providers to speak and write Haitian!

Antonio is a “giving” kind of guy, especially when it comes to taxpayers’ money. So enjoy.

He is not very bright– he is what we call a Democrat—but, hell, when you are on the down and out, you take what you can get, right? (Nice guy, but do not let your sister marry one of his kind.)

Welcome to America!

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