It Would Be Nice If We Knew

By: Carolyn Hileman

We live in a very busy world where half the time you don’t even know your neighbors and as the past has proven even some of us who thought we did, really didn’t. That being the case you will need to excuse us if we are just a bit leery of people we do not know, being based on color, strange behavior or what ever, you see our country was attacked a few years ago and since then we have all been on high alert. None of us intend to harass or even to embarrass American citizens of any race creed or color, the problem is we just don’t have any clue which of you are here legally and which of you might wish to do us harm. You may call that nativism, protectionism, racist or what ever but that is the facts clear and simple, we just don’t know, and our confusion was heightened as legal American citizens marched in our streets along side illegal immigrants with bandana’s on their faces.

Most of us know and have friends of Hispanic decent; we either work with or have friends of just about every nationality, and I am sure on occasion it has crossed our minds if those people were here legally but most of us until last year didn’t consider it our business. Now we are left to wonder if we were wrong. My oldest son has friends at school who are of Hispanic decent and this issue just about drove him mad because he felt as though he was being pushed to decide between his country or his friends. That little man would be devastated if one of his friend had to be deported and to be honest I don’t think it is fair to put him in that position. But he is and we will have to deal with it if it ever happens, but it would be nice if he just knew for sure.

I am sure that by the time this is over what I am writing will be called racist and I have gotten to the point it does not matter to me any more, simply because I know the truth. I know that when I go to certain businesses and the people working there cannot speak English the question is there. When you are marching down the streets in my town with a bandana on your face and carrying signs with Viva Mexico, and carrying Mexican flags on our American streets the question is there. When I am at a doctors office, super market, or anywhere else and all I can hear is Spanish being spoken, I must wonder are these people here legally? Do they know what country they are in? Are they just trying to be rude? The question is there.

Perhaps if you were to try and at least act like you are an American, put your Mexican flag up till the 5th of May and fly it at one of your parties. Perhaps if you could find the common courtesy to speak our language when you are in public, perhaps if you did not stand on the side of the people who are trying to gain what you have by cutting in line, maybe then we could tell the difference. I am not trying to be rude, I am not trying to be racist I am stating simple facts. If you want people to know you are American, if you want them not to associate you with the illegal immigrants then you need to act like an American and distance your self from them and their behavior.

No one is saying not to be proud of your heritage. We all have a heritage and we all are just as proud of it as you are, but the fact remains, this is America. There is a time and a place to celebrate your heritage, it is not in our streets with bandana’s on your face. It does not include desecrating our flag. It does not include raising your flag above the flag of the country you fought so hard to be a part of. It would be nice if we could turn back time, if the attacks on 9/11 never happened, if the marches of last year never happened, but we cannot. The marches in our streets were almost as devastating a blow as the attacks on 9/11 and they changed our country forever. We are a little less accepting, a little less likely to turn our heads, a little less likely to not care, and a lot less likely to keep our mouths shut.

We would love not to hear about the raids going on but until we no longer have illegal immigrants working in our country that is something we will deal with. We would love it if not one person we knew and befriended were ever deported; we would really love to not have to deal with this mess at all. Then we could treat everyone we knew as an American, not have to question anything, for right now though most of us are giving those we know the benefit of the doubt, but it would be nice if we knew.

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