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April 2, 2007

Carter ALSO Fired US Attorney for ‘Political Reasons’

As the Media Resaerch Center’s News clip Page, Newsbsuters, has proven many times (see here and here among others), the MSM’s focus on Bush’s firing of a handful of U.S. Attorney’s is wonderfully empty of any balanced treatment …

Open Letter To President Bush, Members of Congress: Immigration Reform

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Mr. President, Honorable Members of Congress: Because our government has refused to secure America’s borders and enforce our immigration laws, our nation is struggling to deal with 12-30 million illegal aliens who have entered this great nation unlawfully.

Alien Trafficking Generates Billions in Profits

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Globally, alien smuggling generates billions of dollars in illicit revenues annually and poses a threat to the nation’s security. Creation of the Department of Homeland Security in March 2003 has provided an opportunity to use financial investigative techniques to combat …


Lately, my home town newspaper has been reprinting historical front pages from the archives of one of its predecessor publications, commemorating watershed events in American history. The most recent reproduction was a facsimile of the April 6, 1917, edition, announcing …