No More Foreplay

By: Leigh Patrick Sullivan

Days are now passing into weeks for the 15 British soldiers being held hostage by Iran, and while they sit in their dank, cold cells, the world’s politicos argue and babble in an endless circle of futility.

Naturally, the issue is now before the United Nations and, naturally, progress has died. Countries are now wasting time debating whether or not to support the wording in a useless resolution condemning the hostage taking, the main focus being the claim that the British sailors were in Iraqi waters. It seems that our new best friend Russia has a problem with that – and so the circle continues.

Meanwhile, one has to wonder what those troops are going through. Iran doesn’t have the greatest reputation for human rights or, for that matter, decency. Just ask Zahra Kazemi

At least we are learning who our true international friends really are. While Britain goes through a crisis at the hands of one of the known members of the ‘Axis of Evil’, the European nations remain quiet, Russia shows belligerence, and the Arab nations continue to rant against American aggression. (When are we going to finally call Saudi Arabia what it is – a terrorist nation?)

The last thing the United States needs right now is to engage its military in yet another battlefront, but Iran has been ignored for far too long. Even if that wingnut president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad released his prisoners tomorrow it wouldn’t be long before Iran pulled another stunt in an attempt to flex it’s muscles.

Enough is enough. Set a deadline, and if President Wingnut doesn’t abide by the demand…open season on his country. We can’t sit back and let these acts of idiocy continue to escalate. Continually ignoring – or worse yet, giving in – to this madman’s power plays will only dig us deeper into a hole. The time to act is now.

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