G.W. Bush Twisting Slowly in Wind: Good or Bad?

By: John Lillpop

As President Bush becomes more and more of a lame duck and less and less relevant, one is compelled to note the obvious truth: Most of the president’s wounds are self-inflicted as a result of arrogance and stupidity.

From his wrongheaded refusal to stop irresponsible spending, to the dumb attempt to sell port security to a nation with terrorist ties, to his ridiculous refusal to secure American borders during time of war, to his attempt to dumb down the Supreme Court with the nomination of Harriet Miers, to his utter and complete inability to think conservative on any issue save taxes, this president is his own worse enemy.

Bush appears to have undertaken the destruction of the conservative movement and the Republican Party as his greatest priorities.

Tragically enough, Bush’s incompetence and arrogance have lead directly to the election of anti-American Democrats who have visions of destroying America itself.

Unfortunately for the American people, our misguided president and corrupt Congress appear to be unified on the one issue that has the potential to immediately turn America into a sanctuary for third-world criminals.

That, of course, is Bush’s idiotic amnesty nightmare that would legitimatize the invasion of America by 12-30 million illiterate peasants from Mexico and other third-world cesspools to our south.

In truth, by refusing to secure the borders and enforce the law, Bush has betrayed not only conservatives, but also all of America with his mindless cave-in to illegal aliens, big business, and Mexico.

America urgently needs a strong, intelligent, and articulate leader in these dangerous times. No patriotic American can find cheer in the fact that our current leader is lacking in all of these qualities.

As despicable as George W. Bush is, America needs for him to bounce back and become less lame, particularly in dealing with lame-brained Democrats.

Still, there is a bit of perverse joy in seeing this arrogant, foolish man twist slowly in the wind!

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