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April 11, 2007

Freudians Catch Up to Pulpiters – Too Little Too Late

Filed under: Religion & Faith - 11 Apr 2007

In our society we expect preachers and moralists to speak against immorality and licentiousness. Up to now psychiatrists and psychologists have had plenty of the products of media influence to study but have made few recommendations concerning it. That’s changing …

Pistol-packing Florida Girls — Why Rapists and Robbers Ran From One Florida Town

Filed under: Crime and Punishment,Second Amendment - 11 Apr 2007

“Mayor, we’ve got a big problem on our hands,” said Police Chief Bud Anderson to Mike Branden, mayor of Palm City, Florida, a small city of 200,000 old-fashioned Americans, sitting in the middle of the Florida panhandle. It was a …

Director of “A Christmas Story” Snuffed by Drunken Illegal Alien

Filed under: Immigration,Our Laws - 11 Apr 2007

In his non-stop and mindless promotion of illegal aliens as good hearted, hard working folks, President Bush constantly argues that those coming here illegally from Mexico should be welcomed en masse because they hold values common to the American people.

Illegals Demand Blanket Amnesty and US Citizenship

Filed under: Immigration,Liberalism, Marxism & Communism - 11 Apr 2007

As US political leaders become more and more feckless with regards to the illegal immigration problems plaguing the country, illegal aliens are becoming increasingly bolder and more vocal in their demands. On Saturday, a purported 15,000 member-strong group of illegal …

Recent Judicial Race in Wisconsin Highlights Media Bias

The recent race for Wisconsin State Supreme Court Justice between Annette Ziegler and Linda Clifford, provided yet another illustration of the double-standard, left-leaning bias so prevalent in contemporary media. The staff editorials in 9 out of 13 larger market …