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April 13, 2007

Whassup My Nappy Headed Hos!

Well, Don Imus has done it. The mumbling fool has once again proven, completely unwittingly of course, that there are just some things that you cannot say without drawing the ire of so-called leaders of a particular group (any …

Threats only the Left sees

We Conservatives often accuse Liberals of not having the guts or the willingness to fight. We often shake our heads in befuddlement over their perceived inability to stand up to battle against threats to our way of life. It is …

Does Violence Have to Be Taught?

Filed under: Crime and Punishment,Politics In General - 13 Apr 2007

It seems that the more we come to believe that “Violence has to be taught,” the more our children learn to be violent. It’s a strange, Jean-Jacques Rousseau-like fantasy, this fancy that a child sports a halo until some …

Amnesty Is to Illegal Aliens As Timelines Are to Terrorists

Filed under: Immigration - 13 Apr 2007

President Bush has spoken forecfuly and correctly of the folly in recently passed military funding bills that include timelines for withdrawal of American troops from Iraq.

Did Imus Not Go Far Enough?

This whole Don Imus racial slur thing stinks. Not just because of the words he used on his nationally syndicated radio program. But because of his chosen word, we now have a fresh dose of Jesse Jackson protesting in Chicago …

Shut Up, Don Imus!

This time Don Imus just went too far. Even for a huge Imus fan like moi, the I-man’s latest indiscretion is way over the top.