Amnesty Is to Illegal Aliens As Timelines Are to Terrorists

By: John Lillpop

President Bush has spoken forecfuly and correctly of the folly in recently passed military funding bills that include timelines for withdrawal of American troops from Iraq.

With the exception of Democrats and a few out of touch RINOs here and there, most people realize that timelines are foolish signals of surrender that tell the enemy of America’s dwindling commitment to victory, and the “date certain” by which said commitment will expire completely.

To his credit, the president plans to veto any bill that includes timelines.

The big question is: Why is this president unable to connect the dots and understand that amnesty for illegal aliens makes no more sense than timelines for terrorists?

Amnesty, as history tells proves, simply motivates additional millions of uneducated peasants to invade our nation and to plunder American taxpayers.

It tells millions of Mexicans in waiting that America will not enforce its borders or immigration laws, and that invasion can be undertaken with impunity.

In 1986, amnesty was granted for about three million illegal aliens.

30 years and 12-30 million illegal aliens later, America has a much larger problem to deal with, and because of 9/11, a far more dangerous problem.

Just as timelines work against American interests in the war on terror, so it is that amnesty would work against American interests in the war to prevent the illegal invasion of this great nation.

Amnesty never has worked and never will!

The solution is to secure our borders and deport all illegal aliens!

John Lillpop is a recovering liberal.

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