Queen Nancy Reigns

By: Patti Bankson

Whenever Democrats want to win points against the Republicans or the President, they remind us that they’re the majority party again because last year’s election was about “the people” voting for “change”. I’m not sure that’s an accurate interpretation of their victory, because I’m not sure that “change” means the same thing to “the people” as it does to the Democrats. I’m also not sure much has changed beyond the name of the party in charge.

The Republicans lost their majority standing and the Democrats reign once more. And boy, are they reigning, or what? Am I the only one who remembers a Democratic member of congress accusing President Bush of performing his duties as though he thought he was “King George”? King George… Boo! But Queen Nancy? Whoo Hoo!! The Bush administration… Boo! But the Democratic court in the D.C. palace? Again… whoo hoo!!

Excuse me, but Nancy Pelosi’s swearing in ceremony as Speaker of the House looked more like ascension to a throne than acceptance of a gavel. Could she have been more full of herself? I think not. Has she gotten over herself yet? Are you kidding?? If anything, as time has passed, her ego and her job description have taken on epic proportions. She is now not only Speaker of the House, but also Commander-In-Chief and Secretary of State. She’s in charge of the War in Iraq. She determines our foreign policy, then personally delivers it to Syria… speaking not only for our country, but for Israel, as well. Uninvited by neither, I might add. To make matters worse, the message she delivered on Israel’s behalf wasn’t even their message; they made that perfectly clear in their public statement the very next day. Oh, and remember when Rosie “the Ripper” O’Donnell said, “The Gulf of Tonkin… Google it”? Well, if you’re still questioning whether Ms Pelosi did the right thing when she visited Syria, I’m saying: “The Logan Act… Google it!“

Now! Is that enough arrogance for you or do you need more? Yes? Okay, how about the “Queen’s” statement regarding her accomplishments in the first 100 days of her reign? (Just like real queens, she uses the Royal ‘We’, when she really means ‘Me’! How droll !!) Anyway, reinforcing the idea that she and her minions are restoring the confidence of “her subjects” in their “rulers”, she says: “I would extend a hand of friendship to the President (which I assume she’d like him to kiss!), to say to him, calm down with the threats. (How’s that for “Grandma”-speak?) …there’s a new congress in town! (Oooh! I’ll bet that’s got him shakin’ in his cowboy boots!) We respect your constitutional role. We want you to respect ours.”

Let’s make sure I understand: she’s showing her respect for the President’s constitutional role by chastising him like she would a toddler, telling him to “calm down with the threats” to use his constitutional power to veto their War Funding Bill, which is full of earmarks. In return, he should respect their constitutional role, which they don’t even respect themselves. If they did, they’d support their stated position (not mine) on Iraq by completely cutting off the war funding and facing the consequences of that position, instead of hiding behind the pork in the pig sty.

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