What Are We Going To Tell Them Then?

By: Carolyn Hileman

These things happen so fast, you really don’t notice them until they have taken control. You had heard rumors of sleeper cells and you seemed to remember hearing about that before 9/11 but you never really paid attention to the news so really who can remember, you wished you could now. You had been hearing faint complaints about how terrorists and illegal immigrants were being given the same rights as civilians but it never really affected you. You had heard about the raids to get the illegal immigrants and that they were claiming that their civil rights were being violated and the government was releasing them because the ICE agents didn’t have a warrant to search for them and thought that was a bit much but paid no more attention.

You had heard that the terrorists had much bigger plans for their next attack, but you had been hearing that for a while so you discounted it. Besides, I mean really aren’t all illegal immigrants Mexicans looking for a better life and they said on the news that the threat of more terrorist attacks was just more campaign rhetoric. The loss of life this time had been staggering and it seemed no one knew what to do. The president and vice president were sent into hiding, parents waiting anxiously for their children to get home from school because no one knew were they might strike next. Seems there were hundreds of sleeper cells in cities all across the nation all waiting for the word to attack and that word had been given.

Once again the streets of your beloved country had been covered in blood, once again the flags came out, one more time we all sang God bless America and once again we were left to pick up the pieces.

While we all know what I have written has yet to come to pass, without vigilance on all levels it very well could. I know a lot of you read and hear a lot about illegal immigration and I know that most American’s do not begrudge any human being the right to a better life, not even those who have been vocally fighting this war. But this is not just about the Mexican’s this is about the survival of our country.

All across this great land of ours we are trying to arrest and deport people who have come into our country illegally and all across this country we are being told by ACLU and ANSWER and many judges that we cannot do that. We are being told they have rights that in fact they do not all. They are now saying we need a warrant to look for illegal immigrants and I swear I have never seen people so determined to undermine the safety and security in America than these people. Mexican’s are not the only ones crossing our borders, and even a lot of them are questionable. If ICE had been doing their job prior to 9/11, 2996 people would not have had to die.

We are being put in a very dangerous situation here, one that could end up costing even more lives the next time. Yet we are standing by while the ACLU is telling us that we cannot actively search for people who are in our country illegally unless we get a warrant. It is even more dangerous when people like Teddy Kennedy demand the release of these people even though they are here illegally and gets what he wants. Even the 9/11 terrorists had normal jobs. They had to look like they were here for a better life and it worked so well they were able to board planes and kill our people. The people who reported the suspicious activity of the imams are being sued. The Canadian Muslims are asking Homeland security to stop profiling them and no one but no one sees a problem here. This is not a joke, it is not a bunch of people looking for a better life, and it is not a bunch of racists who just want white America’s here. This is the safety and security of our nation we are talking about here.

Right now the FBI has reported that foreign nationals are buying up school bus franchises and if they are not buying them they are hiring on to drive them; they however do not see any real problem arising from this. They also did not have a problem with men taking lessons to fly but not land airplanes so you will forgive me if I worry about that. The question I have is why do they want to drive our school busses and who are the fools that are allowing this and will they politically correct our children to death? I could tell you even more but unless you are seeing the picture by now I am wasting both your time and mine. So the bottom line is this our border is unprotected. No one can tell us who is coming across and what their motives might be and when they get here we have to fight so called American’s to get them back out. I hold those people ,especially Teddy Kennedy, responsible if there is another attack on American soil because that man would give the rights that belong to us to non citizens and allow them to do as they please as long as it does not interrupt cocktail hour.

So you go back to your normal routine. Don’t pay any attention to our security being destroyed by the liberals and the ACLU. Put your kids on that bus and hope and pray that the driver only wants to get them to school safely. And you be sure and feel sorry for all those illegal immigrants who are being caught. After all they may just be here for a better life. But when they have stripped us of our security and have managed to hide away sleeper cells because we could not get a warrant to go after them and when they attack again what will we tell the children this time? Because we all had warning. we all knew. We all could see it coming but we all did nothing to stop it. What are we going to tell them then?

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