What Say We Screw Up Their Little Boycott For Them??

By: Carolyn Hileman

I know I am not the only red blooded American that is sick and tired of the illegal immigrants trying to strong arm us into handing over our country, so I propose we really screw things up for them. I know not one of us is rich and we cannot combat them all with just one or two of us doing this so I am calling on all American’s to step up to the plate. If you are going to make a major purchase wait until May 1st. Hold off on buying your groceries till May 1st. You know that dress you have been wanting but really could not find any good reason to buy it; this is a really good one. Need office supplies order them on the first, need gas buy it on the first, and anything that you know you will need buy it on the first.

For all of those rallies that you never attended, for all those emails you never sent, for all the phone calls you never made, now is your turn to not only speak loud and clear to our leaders and help our economy. If it does not bother you in the slightest that these people who broke the law to come here and are breaking the law daily by being here are now threatening the economy of the country they say they love then by all means do nothing. But if it rattles you just a tiny bit then you need to go shopping. I am not saying break the bank, I am not asking you to go out and buy stuff you would not normally buy, I am asking you to delay all major purchases and go shopping a little late that week. If each person just goes out and buys five gallons of gas that day it should offset the lack of income generated by the illegal immigrants.

It is time to show these people whose country they are in and that we do not take any threat sitting down, we will not be brow beaten into their demands and we will not bow to their threats we will rise and we will stand tall.

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