Not One More Child

By: Carolyn Hileman

While congress readies itself to pass and the President sign a bill to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants that at last years estimates will cost the American taxpayers fifty million per year for the next five years and there is no way of knowing how much more it will go up after that our children across this nation are dieing in their classrooms and not one red penny has gone to help them. While they are busy deciding just who to grant amnesty to our children are scared to go to school and this insanity needs to stop right here. While I am all for helping our fellow man, I also subscribe to the theory that charity begins at home, it begins in the classrooms with bullet proof doors, begins in the classrooms with bullet proof windows, and it begins at the front door with metal detectors.

A few weeks before this last shooting my children and I were discussing what would happen if the gunman was a student and in most cases it has been and that being the case was the shelter in place such a good idea? Shelter in place without bullet proof doors and windows is nothing more that setting up the perfect shooting gallery with our children as the targets. Shelter in place only works if it is someone coming in from the outside not if the shooter has been in every one of these drills and knows exactly where the students will be. The school administrators have taken a it won’t happen here approach and it has been a very costly approach, and it is time we as parents started standing up for the safety of our children because if we do not no one else will. The gun control fanatics came out early with their bit about how if we just didn’t have guns this would have never happened, Virginia Tech was a gun free zone and someone forgot to tell the gunman.

That fifty million dollar per year amnesty bill would pay for a lot of safety upgrades in all the schools across the nation and I say since it is our tax dollars they plan to use to fund that bill we have some say as to where they spend our money and I want it spent on keeping my kids safe. This little cat and mouse game is over and our children should no longer be the mouse. We need them safe now; not one more child. At our local middle school I spoke to one of the principles because my son and I were taking some art supplies up one day and I had no clue where I was going although at our school there is a circle drive in the front with a road that cuts to the back of the school for the teachers. We were able to pull into that area and out of it unhindered not once but three times and not one person asked us what we were doing or who we were.

The children at the middle school are required to stand outside while waiting for school to start. From the area we were given access to without any question you could walk straight through the campus and start picking off students. Since there is no one watching that road it is conceivable that a person could escape as easily as they got in and that is wrong. While this school has police on campus I have it from various sources that they spend most of their time behind closed doors with the blinds drawn playing on the computer. Our High school only has two policeman there and that gives us a rating of safe? I say it is high time we as tax paying Americans tell our leaders where we want those taxes spent. All they are going to do is stand up there and debate about how best to welcome our new citizens while our children are dieing. I don’t think so.

If you are mad as hell and are not going to take it anymore here are some numbers for you to call The White House Comments: 202-456-1111, Switchboard: 202-456-1414, this is just a couple of phone numbers and you can find more by going to Numbers USA online but you must make your voice heard. For to long now we have had to watch the terrible images of our nation’s children being carried out in body bags and it is past time for this atrocity to stop. Let the illegal immigrants have their little parades and their boycotts we need to focus on something far more important and we need our nations leaders focusing on that as well, all across America there should be a deafening call of not one more child. Will you join your voice with mine and scream until they hear us, NOT ONE MORE CHILD!!!!

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