By This Time Tomorrow

By: Carolyn Hileman

By this time tomorrow our world as we know it will have changed just a little bit more and the reason why is the usual no one cared. We have read about things like terrorists who are given the same rights as US citizens and we ignored it. We read about border patrol agents being sentenced for longer than the criminals they apprehend at the border and we ignored it. We have heard and read since the Virginia Tech massacre about how we should not own guns and how Britain is so much smarter than us by banning guns and yet we are ignoring that as well.

Only in America my friends, only in America can a person who is this country illegally walk the streets with no repercussions and even be celebrated because of their fight for freedom. Only in America can our so called leaders grant rights to people who wish us harm public trials in our cities, then decide we cannot mention the reason we were looking for them in the first place because it would be too prejudicial to mention those 2996 people who died on 9/11 and that the only. I mean the only reason we even bothered to look at this guy was because he joined a terrorist group that were named in those deaths; once again the rights of a non citizen trumps that of all citizens and we are ignoring it.

Only in America can a man who we gave a home for fourteen years buy a gun and kill 32 people in one day and the media instead of damning this man feels sorry for him. Perhaps if we rolled out the red carpet and bowed down to him and kissed his butt those people would have been alive today. Not to mention that it was not him who actually killed them although it was he who bought the gun loaded the gun and pulled the trigger not once but thirty two times, it was the gun and because he shot up a school campus. The liberals think that maybe, just maybe they can take all of our guns and we are ignoring that to.

No one is bothering to mention how inept our schools are at handling these situations. Why that would piss off the teachers union. No one mentions the fact that any one coming to America across the border without proper documentation is a criminal because that would piss off Mexico. No one mentions that war was declared on the US on 9/11 because that will piss off the Muslims and no one mentions the fact that the schools are shoving Al Gore’s crap movie down our children’s throat. That would piss off the global warming nuts and we all know that the Crow’s will attack us then, so lets just ignore it all.

Let’s just ignore all the mess and be happy, let’s revel in our wonderful homes that are only ours if they can’t get a business to move in there and pay more taxes. Let’s take a walk in the woods where we put the lives of wood peckers over that of any human. Lets just enjoy life, let’s just forget about it all, let’s eat drink and be merry, nothing we do is going to change anything so why even bother. Better hide your guns, don’t say anything bad about anybody, don’t mention it if your ID has been stolen, or the life of a loved one. Keep to yourself and be really, really quiet and maybe, just maybe they will march right by you and the world as you know it will end by this time tomorrow.

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