US, UK and Scandinavian Counter-Jihad Summit

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US, UK and Scandinavian Counter-Jihad Summit

Fairfax, Virginia, USA: April 23, 2007: Political activists and writers from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the UK and US met on April 14 for the first international Counter-Jihad Summit, at Preben Møller Hansens inn “Den Danske Kro,” and also in separate meetings on April 15. They discussed common problems with the loss of constitutional liberties, individual rights and the rule of law due to Islamist groups who impose sharia laws and jihadist terrorism and criminality. Speeches by US and Danish attendees are available at:

Groups attending the Counter-Jihad Summit included Stop Islamiseringen Af Denmark (SIAD), Stop the Islamisation of Europe (SIOE), Vigilant Freedom/910 Group, and FOMI. Other groups and political parties were represented by individual members. The international group of citizen activists, politicians, journalists and bloggers discussed how to track Islamist efforts to impose sharia laws in their countries. Participants also began coordinating among groups to resist Islamisation across Europe, the UK, and the US, starting with the Brussels Rally to Stop the Islamisation of Europe on September 11, 2007. Similar rallies are planned in the U.S. and other countries.
The Summit focused on the challenges of resisting Islamisation:

-Restore the legal equality of all religions: no special treatment of Islam in the law.

-Restore constitutional liberties: prevent further restrictions of freedom of speech, religion, press and sexual orientation, and work to restore all of these freedoms.

-Restore social and cultural equality of all religions, and separation of secular and religious institutions: no more special treatment or accommodations of Islam in society as a whole, or efforts to prevent assimilation rather than separate cultures (special prayer rooms, segregated facilities for women, etc.)

-Implement existing laws: enforce laws especially Islamist incitements to violence, violation of constitutional laws, discrimination against women and other races and religions, and jihadist terrorism and criminality.

-Focus political debate: force politicians to think again on changing our laws to suit Islam or the Islamic way of life, rather than expecting Islam to assimilate within the constitutional laws and social norms of each nation.

-Resolve contradictions between national constitutions and the Koran: passages in the Koran advocate discrimination against non-Muslims and women, and call for actions that contravene national constitutions. SIAD has called for Muslims living in Denmark to delete these passages if they are to live under national laws. Other nations face the same dilemma.

According to Anders Gravers of SIAD, “The September 11 Brussels rally to Stop the Islamisation of Europe (SIOE) reflects the attitude of most people in Europe – that Islam is being favored above indigenous European cultures, and that Muslims are being selectively protected by politicians and lawyers at the expense of non-Muslims who often find themselves unprotected…… SIOE also challenges the funding by Saudi Arabia for the building of mosques and other Islamic institutions in Europe and elsewhere around the world, when that country itself outlaws any religion other than Islam, any politics other than Islam, and any jurisprudence other than Islam. Such asymmetric funding must be stopped. No more mosques until we see churches in Mecca.”

The Center for Vigilant Freedom provides resources for citizen efforts to preserve human rights, religious freedoms, and political freedoms from attacks by extremist groups.

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