“Family Values” Don’t Stop at Rio Grande? What About Abortion, Duyba?

By: John Lillpop

President G.W. Bush constantly argues in favor of open borders and unfettered access to America by any Mexican wishing to make the effort.

Bush’s argument often includes the simplistic rhetoric that “Family Values Don’t Stop at the Rio Grande,” which is his way of saying that illegal aliens from Mexico share common values with the American people.

Once again, the Bush baloney is at odds with cold hard facts. That is particularly true now that Mexico City lawmakers have voted to legalize abortion.



Perhaps Mr. Bush can explain how legalized abortion squares with his own anti-abortion, pro-life, family values?

Remember that this president refuses to even authorize expanded funding for stem cell research that could help find cures for diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and on and on. His opposition to abortion is supposedly one of his fundamental values.

Is the Bush “Family Values” mantra yet another example of snake oil dispensed for the purpose of promoting the Mexicanization of America?

John Lillpop is a recovering liberal.

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