Your War Is Lost Sir

By: Carolyn Hileman

Senator Harry Reed recently commented that the war was lost. The democrats once again went out to explain that another one of their stupid members were allowed to speak and was not on script with the we support the troops not the war thing and of course our media ate it up and spit it back out for American’s to digest in a more palatable manner. It would seem to me that that is the rallying call for the democrats all is lost so why bother. On illegal immigration they take the stance that we got a bunch in here and there is no way to get them all out so lets not bother that war is lost already. On health care, they cannot manage to find a way that would force the doctors and hospitals to be fair to their patients and charge a reasonable amount for procedures so that war is lost why bother. I think that on the presidential elections this year we need to tell the democrats that war is lost don’t bother.

They say they are for our rights. Well since they have taken office I have had the right to pay higher gas prices, higher taxes on cigarettes all my bills have gone up and darn there was not a democrat there to save me because my husband works for a living and we don’t qualify for the right to draw back some of those taxes that they collected, but we do qualify to pay more. These people wish to take away my guns because the war at the schools is lost without them ever trying to do anything. But they make us feel guilty because some people can’t handle life and decided to take out a bunch of people with them. To say I am angry is an understatement, I am highly pissed at our American government from the top on down to the bottom because to me it seems the only solution to any problem an American has is take away yet one more right.

They screamed that our rights were being violated when they were tapping terrorist phones, but they have no problem deciding they need to work on legislation to take away our rights to bear arms. Now let me see here, they have weakened any defense we have against the enemy by allowing them the same rights as you and I, they have demeaned and demoralized our troops to the point our children are not sure they want to serve our country not because they think the military is bad but because they do not want to be sent on a mission and have the rug pulled out from under them like they are doing the troops right now. So with no one to take up the banner of justice and lead us into battle, legislation to take away our right to bear arms I think he might just be right this damn war is lost; the war to keep our freedoms had been lost to the lazy people of America who did not vote or decided to vote democrat to teach us a lesson.

Lesson learned. I learned that when the going gets tough rather than fight the good fight these people are going to stay home, and if we don’t do everything the way they want us to they will turn us over to the enemy to teach us a lesson. So yeah, we learned a lesson. We learned that we don’t want these people in a fox hole next to us. They traded us in for Harry reed and the war is lost. They traded us in for John Kerry who told our troops that they are a bunch of bumbling idiots and that is why they have to fight.

I am sick of these people who can’t do anything on their own; who wouldn’t dare pick up a gun and defend us and tell our troops that they are not doing their job because from where I am sitting they are the only ones who are. These people can’t decide if the troops are a bunch of helpless idiots or cunning master minds devising evil to perpetrate on the unsuspecting Iraqis’, all they can say is bring them home like these men and women were forced into service with no choice what so ever, when we all know they are well trained. They are the best and they have in their hot little hand the means to leave if any of them really wanted to. All they would need to do is turn those tanks for home and I guarantee you there would be no one there brave enough to stop them.

So senator Reed, you can speak boldly when surrounded by your peers that you know will spin everything you say as though it was only meant to help the troops. I would like for you sir to board a plane and go over to Iraq and spit in their faces personally and see just how far that gets you sir. You say you didn’t spit in their faces. Well I think differently and I am betting they do as well.

You go on, go over there go up to the first soldier you see and tell him that the war is lost and you are working on sending them home. Oh and be sure and take the media with you because I and a lot of other people will be wanting to see this. Now when you come back I would take down that shingle because your war is lost sir and we the American people are working on sending you home.

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