Bring Them Home

By: Carolyn Hileman

They have embarrassed and demoralized our country in eyes of the world. Innocent American citizens have been forced to undergo torture at the hands of these people. We entered into this quagmire through no voice of our own lead astray by lies and presumed intelligence. Despite their best efforts the cause would seem at face value to be lost. It is futile to allow them to spend one more minute there and yet we cannot withdraw them prematurely, so it is within our best interest that as soon as the opportunity avails itself to us to bring them home.

We have given Hillary, Obama, Harry Reed, Nancy Pelosi, and John Murtha enough time, they are in a quagmire and it is time to send them home. They have set deadlines for our military that they cannot even meet in air conditioned offices without people shooting at them. They have expected our troops to win this war within a week and they have yet to fix healthcare, welfare, illegal immigration, unemployment, education and they have had the proper funding through out their battle and a hell of a lot more time to do it in I say they are in a quagmire and it is time to bring them home.

Millions of American citizens are subject to torture daily by hearing sound bite after sound bite of these people telling us how we are not nearly as good as them. We don’t deserve $400.00 hair cuts but you do deserve to pay for it.

The loud screeching of Mrs. Clinton should be enough to scare away any terrorist and bossy Ms. Pelosi will whip them into shape, the only problem is we have to hear it and that is torture. Someone call the ACLU.

Those of us who did not vote for these people think it is unfair that we must endure the screeching, ranting and raving of these people, because had they been from our state we would have been to embarrassed to vote for these people.

Our troops have had only a few years to win this war and they are calling for their removal because to them this war was lost before we ever set foot in Afghanistan. It had to be or people might start to believe the President when he says they know what they are doing. On the other hand the democrats have had at the very least eight years, some even more, to fix all the problems that they promised they would fix and either there really never was any problem to fix or they failed their mission. Perhaps based on flawed intelligence or no intelligence what so ever but the fact remains that their war is lost, they are in a quagmire and it is time to pull them out.

Just as our troops may have been sidelined by building schools and restoring electricity, they have been sidelined as well by calling for investigation after investigation into meaningless topics and demoralizing behavior. I say that until they can show some progress on their war that we simply do not fund it anymore. And if we do fund it, it should be under the condition that they are pulled out in the next election. We must have a time table here. We cannot just continue to support their efforts to no avail. We must see some progress on the issue that they went to war over and that does not include investigations. Not a single one of these people when asking for this job said that if it was given to them that they would actively investigate everything on the contrary. I believe there were promises of a better county, better health care, and better schools, they have failed their mission; bring them home.

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