Tomorrow We Shine

By: Carolyn Hileman

Many of you are aware that tomorrow May 1, 2007 will be yet another day of boycott by those people who are here illegally and really want us to believe that they love the United States and showing us as much by attempting to destroy our economy. But tomorrow is also a very special day for American’s; this is our chance to show these people how you truly love your country. Go into your closet look under that pile and take out that flag you swore on 9/11 would never be regulated to the bottom of the pile again and hang it high and hang it proud. Let us see a sea of red white and blue across this nation that will make 9/11 pale by comparison. Drag out your USA t-shirts; put those flags back on the cars, if they march by your office stand outside and sing the National Anthem at the top of your voice, we are going to shine…

We may not have been able to match them in numbers in the streets but that is only because we American’s have to work and when we don’t have to work we know the value of spending time with our families. Te only problem is they and our leaders seem to think that we don’t care; tomorrow we as American citizens’ will prove them wrong. We will pledge allegiance to our flag in voices so loud the people in Mexico will hear us; we will sing the National Anthem so loud that the marchers might learn a word or two of ENGLISH. We will take our best friend or our loved ones out to eat; we will go buy anything we forgot on our usual grocery run. Those who can afford it will buy even larger amounts and do you know why? Because we as American’s will never allow anyone from another country come into ours demanding anything and we darn sure will not allow them to attack our economy.

From the home front to the store front the America people will resound the sounds of this is America; flags will wave in the wind as they pass by reminding them just who it was they decided to try and pick on and just how unsuccessful they were. They have been known to attempt to replace American flags before but if there are so many lining the streets that they must spend their entire march trying to remove them their march is going to be very slow. Besides the fact that I do not know any red blooded American who would allow them to touch their flag.

To allow that would be tantamount to allowing them to rip out our hearts and they would still have trouble with us after that. We are calling on that never dieing American spirit buried deep in your hearts, we are asking for you to take some time out in your day to support the country that has given you everything.

Tomorrow American’s across this nation will be showing their true colors, we will not stand in the streets and protest. We will show them just who they are dealing with here. There will be no shouting matches as we don’t really care what they have to say. The more they yell and scream, the louder we sing. Do not face those people; face our flag. To face them would be to give them the credibility they do not deserve, do not even look their way; stare only at the flag. This America, that is our flag and we will honor it in front of their faces and tomorrow we shine….

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