How are we supposed to feel?

By: Carolyn Hileman

Here I sit on the eve of yet another mass march by people who should not be in my country supported by those who are supposed to protect my country and there is really nothing I can do. Oh, I can attempt to rally the apathetic American people to shop or to put out their flags but we all know they do not really think it is a problem; they think we are being racist, that we are over reacting and that we need to get a life. I am not so naïve to think that the Voice or any other media outlet can rally these people until it hits them too close to home. When that happens they will be asking why weren’t you doing anything and we will simply say we were and we asked for your help.

I have often said that the average American would rather hire an illegal immigrant to stand in their stead in these rallies, or make the phone calls, and send the emails. It has been a very long year and we have accomplished a lot of things and they have met us toe to toe on every single avenue we have gone down. We call for more raids they say we must have a warrant. We say they have no right to march in our streets; they say they have first amendment rights and it does not matter that the bill of rights specifically says that those rights belong to American citizens or constitution and bill of rights no longer matter.

We have known for a long time that the major media was against the American people but it was never shoved down our throats till April 28th and we saw first hand where NBC’s allegiance lies and it is not with the American people. They are not even trying to hide that fact anymore. I remember after 9/11 when the news people stopped wearing their American flag on their lapels. They said it was so they did not take sides.

Well on 4/28/2007 they officially took sides and guess what it was not ours. Perhaps they just don’t understand or perhaps they just don’t care, but someone needs to tell these people, the marchers, the leaders, the media just what our flag means to us…

That piece of colored cloth has been the sole source of our unity for hundreds of years. Each of us when we were younger were proud to unfurl that flag at the opening of class to say the Pledge of Allegiance. It was an extra special treat to be allowed to go outside and help hoist it to the top of the flag pole. That flag has seen us through our darkest days often being the one thing that our fighting men and women had to hold on to when they were so far away from home. That flag has covered the coffins of some of the bravest men and women on the face of the earth, and it has been clutched by the grieving widow, mother, father, son or daughter of our brave fighting heroes.

On 9/11 when it looked like our world was coming to a swift end our first thought was to raise our flag, never once thinking about what might happen if they took over and that flag marked us for death we hung them up in defiance. To this day a lot of us cannot look at that flag with out a tear rolling down our cheek because we now know what that piece of cloth we pledged allegiance to stood for and when the smoke cleared on that fateful day our flag was still there, it was the sign that we were still ok. Sometimes we put it in the closet and we forget to put it out on holidays, but we know it is there. Sometimes we forget the words to the National Anthem, but its premise is engraved upon our hearts.

Only one time before has the sight of our flag brought tears to my eyes and that was September 11th, mainly because I had ignored it for so long and had to shake the dust off of it in order to hang it outside. I suppose it was that day that I became a true American, not just one who was an American through birth right, but one who was branded by fire and who swore that from that day forward I would do everything in my power to protect that flag and the country she represented; my country, America.

So here we sit one more time waiting to see just what else they can think of to do to our flag.. Will they turn it upside down again and fly their flag above it? Will they simply replace it with their own and toss ours to the ground? Will the media be proudly waving an American flag or will they once again attach a Mexican flag to their cameras? Will our children once again watch as their classmates walk out of the school holding Mexican flags and be afraid to hold their American flag up? Are we still in the United States of America? Have our leaders already sold us out? How much was their allegiance worth? When did America become for everyone but Americans? When was it decided that if we lifted up an American flag on American soil in an American school or any other place we were trying to intimidate people instead of just being patriotic Americans?

How is it that an American speaks up and it is racism, but any other nationality speaks up and it is a first amendment right? Maybe this is not America anymore; maybe we don’t belong here anymore. Maybe we have already been sold out to the highest bidder and they just haven’t had the guts to tell us, you tell me. How are we supposed to feel?

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