Media Matters: The Steps of Propaganda

By: Lee Kent Hempfling

Media Matters ( seems to have lost control. In its Wed, May 2, 2007 piece entitled, ‘Schlussel claimed Media Matters is “Nazi-funded”‘, its propaganda soldiers jumped on a blogger for the following sentence: “After all, I wouldn’t want to disappoint my friends from the deceptively-named, Nazi-funded Media Matters for America.” Media Matters found space and time on its valuable real estate to attack a blogger for a single sentence and did so in setting her up as a ‘nutcase’ first. But in doing so, Media Matters simply exposed both their desperation at being overwhelmed with facts and their frustration at the consistent, factual exposure to what Media Matters,, Open Society and the Tides Foundation really are. And just in time, too.

Good ol’ Keith Olbermann joined in to make her a worst winner. Debbie Schlussel just goes to show the far left and George Soros only use or abuse bloggers. Bloggers are not ‘media’ and they just don’t matter, unless they are used to push an agenda that has nothing to do with the feel-good group hug the liberals bloggers want.

Media Matters has a habit of drolling on in the same way, about their sugar daddy. They refer to him as “financier, philanthropist, and political activist.” He sure is. He finances overthrows of governments, philanthropist-izes himself into a felony conviction and works within the political frame of our two party system to give ‘activist’ the meaning it had before it became slang. George Soros not only funds Media Matters through a web of organizations, he is actively using his money and his influence, to overthrow this country, just as he has done with other countries prior.

Would Media Matters bother to address any of that? Not likely! They like ‘financier, philanthropist, and political activist’ George Soros and they always distance themselves from him, like the good propaganda ministry soldiers they are.

Media Matters says “Soros, who is founder and chairman of Open Society Institute (OSI), has contributed generously to progressive organizations — including America Coming Together,, and the Campaign for America’s Future.” Sounds all nice and cuddly, doesn’t it? Actually, Soros uses the front of the Open Society (which is another word for ‘how to make the world a Soros world’) to funnel money into other ‘organizations’ who can then claim no Soros funding. It is nothing but an upside down pyramid scheme.

OSI’s money comes from Soros, it goes to places like the Tydes Foundation, where it is then funneled again into lower organizations who are then able to claim never to have received money from George Soros. That makes Soros The Shadow, behind the party he wants to have so much he’ll spend every dime you have to get it. (What do you think donations to those organizations are for anyway? Without donations they would be funded by Soros alone. With donations, they allow you to buy a piece of the deception so you cannot become wise to it or you will expose yourself.)

Media Matters is in business to attack the enemy. The enemy to the gullible press (not the complicit press, who know better) is the conservative. (To those who know better the enemy is the republican form of government where capitalism does not funnel the cash to the leaders unless they do it with taxes.) The method Media Matters employs is one of selective focus. If an individual lived in a selective focus they would reside in their own reality and would indeed be mentally unstable. But to use selective focus on purpose is the very definition of deception.

Selective focus is a method whereby an apple can relate to an orange because they are not only fruits, but they are nearly round and they grow on trees and they are colorful and those trees have leaves and those leaves are the same color, and by golly an apple therefore must be an orange.

Just substitute any topic Media Matters writes about with the apple-orange sentence and fill in the blanks after removing the fruit. It is the art of spin (which as a term has nearly gone away in today’s politics). Today, it is so much expected to be used by all sides in any issue that it is ignored. We are jaded with spin. So it makes total sense that employing it as a matter of course makes Media Matters’ name all that more appropriate. To propaganda, the media is ALL that matters.

Hiding it in plain site is the best place to put something when you think you know something no one else does about it. But it is very stupid if you don’t. That is a risk many people take. In court or in any ‘document dump’, submitting a paper mill full of documents as evidence and putting the stuff that matters to the case inside of it, counts on lawyers and politicians being lazy when they are convinced the title makes them smarter and they simply never bother to read what will do them in. When they do read they only get from it what they expect from it. They never bother to understand what something really means. Meaning doesn’t matter. Only the media does.

Another example of selective focus is this comparison from Media Matters: “On the May 18 (not this May) edition of FOX News Channel’s The O’Reilly Factor, Poe and host Bill O’Reilly agreed that Soros is opposed to religion. Poe said Soros is a “militant atheist … he makes it very plain that he considers people who are born again Christians and presumably people who are devout believers of any sort are idiots who should not hold public office.” O’Reilly responded, “All right, so he wants an open society, Soros does. And that means a secular society, no trace of religion in it or spirituality…” [FOX News Channel, The O'Reilly Factor, 5/18/04]” (All sources available at the Media Matters website.)

Media Matters then proceeds to actually pretend to believe that any truly thinking human being would fall for this: “A quick look at Soros’ Open Society Institute website reveals that if Soros really wants a “secular society” with “no trace of religion in it,” he’s going about it all wrong: OSI has made numerous contributions to religious organizations.” Selective focus. The topic changed from ‘secularist’ to ‘philanthropist’. If he gives he must not be whatever, whomever it was, said about him. Of course back in May of 2004 when Media Matters was being the official George Soros protectorate as well as the propaganda wing, they were not able to count on Soros not doing the exact same thing in another area. Halliburton.

Soros bought greatly into Halliburton. Why? Media Matters undoubtedly now has the issue in their ready file. Anytime, anyone questions Soros’ anti-military, anti-American bent why… no way. See? He owns a lot of Halliburton. For a Hedge Fund manipulator, Soros knows how to hedge his bets.

Now, Media Matters has embarked on a crusade to slay the dragons of the right. Those fire breathing, Neanderthal radio and television commentary hosts are in trouble now, boy. On the Media Matters website today (5/2/07), another trick of the propagandist is shown in full color. On the left; the dreaded dragon of lower ratings, Glen Beck about to expose Al Gore and global warming as the frauds they are: on the right the despised dragon of the highest ratings; Bill O’Reilly who has hit Media Matters very recently: and in the middle, good ol’ Chris Matthews. Don’t worry. Chris has not gone afoul of his bread and butter. He is the sacrificial lamb for this story. Nothing happens to him. He just gets a story written about him that conservatives are expected to relish in, making him the comic relief of the story, (or more accurately, the pansy.) And that belief is expected to help defray the disbelief and potential anger conservatives would feel in reading the literal spin-Meister deceptions of Media Matters.

The first step in propagandizing a topic (taking control of it) is to accuse your enemy of doing what you do or of what you are working on getting done. This is the job of the politician and the complicit press. O’Reilly exposed the latter’s connection in his first recent installment on Soros.

The second step in propagandizing a topic (using it for your own advantage) is to apply inductive reasoning to any fact presented, making it your topic and demonizing the enemy. This is the job of Media Matters, Air America, Rosie O’Donnell, Al Gore and others with an audience.

The third step in propagandizing a topic (justifying your demonization) is to rely on a source you can claim is credible (never mind who pays for it) and pointing to the inductive logic as proven by the highly exalted ‘study’ or ‘expert opinion’. (You can double your efforts if you use a mole inside the enemy to do your support evidence like prominent conservatives jumping on the President when they are in league with the ACLU or the current Conservatives for the Support Hillary campaign not one conservative could live with.) This is the job of academia, think tanks, talking head sources and the ever popular ‘poll’ asked just the right way and weighted just enough to make it appear valid. And is topped off by the well timed publication of a book by a well known author.

Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity have been exposing George Soros for what he is, a dictator in waiting, and defense of that has to be addressed by the propaganda wing of the Shadow party, even catching a blogger in the crosshairs.

An article written in 2005 was quickly repackaged for distribution by Indiana University on May 2, 2007 in support of Media Matters’ attack on O’Reilly. The ‘article’ (even though it has charts and graphs and pretty colors, is not a peer reviewed scientific publication yet it is presented by a ‘university’!) is used as supporting evidence in the demonization of Bill O’Reilly in response to O’Reilly’s expose’ of Media Matters.

Sean Hannity’s expose’ of is undoubtedly about to be countered with statistical evidence presented by a former janitor at Harvard, repackaged for today’s gullibility and provided with media contacts. The Indiana article is not signed. It carries no attributed authors. It does list media contacts from the IU School of Journalism and the Department of Telecommunications (expect your instant lottery winnings in the mail, marked as ‘official’ any day now, or press 2 for support.) And as we all know, media matters. The facts, the truth, the source, the authors, the sponsor (not one word shows who paid for that study in 2005 or whether it was even written by the University staff or students or the same janitor) are not important. Just the media matters.

And as the Queen of England arrives to celebrate some 400 year anniversary, the complicit press points out as a 400 year birthday party: the propaganda-ites are reeling in their glee. In one celebration they get a redefinition of America. America becomes a nation founded by an evil British corporation for profit that dealt in attempted genocide, bought and used slaves, started the slave movement in the center of the continent and worst of all nearly died out trying. And the soldiers of the Soros brigade are confident very well, that the decadent, pathetic masses of the American population will believe anything for a celebration and especially an excuse for a beer party. And this administration is so corn-pone, so ‘Texas’, so easy a prey they will never figure it out and don’t have the guts to do anything about it if they did. They can’t even testify with more than another; ‘I don’t recall’ or 5th Amendment crutch.

The fact is, nothing can be further from the truth. Jamestown did not found this country. Jamestown was British all the way. The country was not born 400 years ago. England showed its medieval ignorance and the far left wants to make that mistake America’s fault as well. If you buy 400 years (not that Time Magazine will let you get away with not) you are buying into the ‘America is evil’ crowd. Initiation, step one. Step two is when you start thinking; ‘we did start out so wrong’: and that is the moment you lose control of your figurative soul.

The birth of this nation was at the moment the founding fathers joined together to leave the King’s rule. The birth of this country was when the declaration of that act was signed. Slavery was already accepted practice in the ignorance of power hungry people. Because the founding fathers owned slaves does not mean the nation they founded is wrong. It took a very long time to officially get rid of that mentality, as it took a long time to get rid of the concept of the earth rotating around the sun, and now, while the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. rolls over in his grave, the ‘progressives’ want to use the ancestors of slaves for a tool to gain power for themselves. They always have.

Meanwhile, the Second Amendment Foundation calls for Alberto Gonzales to resign because he doesn’t want terrorists to have gun licenses. It is an apple and orange story but Media Matters undoubtedly has watched it like the good Propaganda soldiers they are. Conservative gun owners want the Attorney General to resign (never mind the narrow-minded topic behind the curtain) and that fits with the plan to drag up as much dirt as possible so the mass delusion results in the belief of corruption certain in the Bush Administration and it follows the three parts of propaganda quite well.

But there is an Achilles heel. Soros never got to watch Perry Mason.

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