The GOP DEbate Proves that the Party Needs Fredmentum!

By: Doug Hagin

After watching the Presidential debacle, I mean debate between the Republican candidates I have reached a few very simple conclusions about presidential debates, candidates, the guts of today’s GOP and MESSNBC.

The first conclusion I reached is that MSNBC should never, ever, under any circumstances, be allowed to host any debate ever again. Certainly, MSNBC must never be in any way involved in any debate as important as a presidential debate. In addition, they should be deemed unfit to host any high school debates, debates over who makes the best BBQ, debates as to the best mouthwash, or debates on any subject, anytime or anywhere!

Secondly, I have concluded that Chris Matthews is actually an alien or a cyborg; he cannot be human. No human, outside of Arianna Huffington, can be that abrasive, that annoying, that obnoxious, or that grating too listen to. In fact, Matthews is so obnoxious his voice should be broadcast to terrorists across the globe, which would surely force them to martyr themselves just to escape the din. Moreover, if there were truly justice the martyred Jihadists would be rewarded with not 70 virgins, but 70 Arianna Huffingtons in the after life. Nevertheless, back to my conclusions gleaned from the GOP debate.

The third conclusion is that the candidates should answer real questions, not inane questions that sounded like they were regurgitated from Leftist blogs. Allow real, average Americans to pose their questions to those who are seeking the office of president. No scripts, no pre-authorized questions, just straight questions. I want to see and hear these candidates respond on the fly. If they cannot handle that, then they cannot handle being president.

I have concluded that the current crop of GOP candidates is made up of two groups. The first group, consisting of men like Duncan Hunter, Ron Paul, and Tom Tancredo, are good solid Conservatives. Sadly, they also stand as much chance of being elected president as I stand of dating Salma Hayek, Alyssa Milano, or Halle Berry.

The second group consists of Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, and Mitt Romney. These are the front-runners, the favorites to win the nomination. Sadly, this “electable” group is not exactly comparable to Ronald Reagan. Rudy, the “tough” candidate, cannot freaking decided what the Hell he thinks about abortion or gun control. He currently has more positions on these issues, than positions on a porn movie set.

John McCain has been campaigning as a Conservative, too bad his recent record as a Senator leads me to think he is not going to walk the talk he is currently talking if elected. After years of moving leftwards, are we to believe McCain has suddenly remembered he used to be a real Conservative.

Then there is Mitt Romney. I like him the best of the three, but he has had some definitive issue changes himself in recent times. If he truly is as Conservative as he sounds, then great. However, I have serious doubts whether or not he can get the Conservative base juiced enough to defeat Hillary Care or Obamamania.

This leads me to the final and most important conclusion. We, Conservative Republicans need one Fred Dalton Thompson to get in this race ASAP! He stands alone as the only real Conservative with a realistic chance to win the nomination, as well as the general election next fall.

He has no issue-related holes in his resume. His record as a Conservative U.S. Senator is rock-solid. He is eloquent, straightforward, tough, and full of the one thing most needed in Washington, common sense. He is, as Reagan was, positive about America, and Americans. When Thompson speaks, you can hear the sincerity of his pride in this nation, and the sincerity in the belief that America can meet any challenges that faces it today, as it has met its past challenges.

He can be a president, like Reagan, who will take his message right to the American people. If a Democratic Congress or Senate refuses to work with him, he can communicate his desires and aims directly to the people. Moreover, I believe, the American people would embrace Thompson’s common sense, and straight talk. The man is a sincere pleasure to listen to when he speaks and his smooth, Southern accent delivers his message of hope, and love of country in a manner seldom seen.

When Thompson speaks, he sounds like a statesman, not a politician. He sounds like a man who possesses the ability to be a leader. In short he sounds like a president should sound, cool, concise, confident, and sincere. The more I hear from Senator Thompson, the more I like him, and the more I am desirous of his announcement to seek the presidency.

Clearly, judging from all the blogs and websites now endorsing Thompson in 2008, he has created a true excitement and energy in the GOP’s Conservative base. Make no mistake, Fred Thompson will not only appeal to the Conservatives, but he will win support among independents as well. Moreover, he will do it the right way, by bringing the hope and common sense of Conservatism to the American people. He will present them with a very clear choice on Election Day, a choice between the pessimism, gloom, and defeat, that the Democrats offer, and the message of optimism, victory, and faith in America’s greatness that Thompson so eloquently conveys.

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