It’s All Good For Usama Bin Laden And Al-Qaeda

By: Marie Jon'

The War on Terror is not a hot agenda item for the Democratic presidential candidates; in fact, one would be hard pressed to conclude that there even is such a thing. The only time we hear about terrorists from the Democratic candidates is when they open their traitorous mouths, proudly voicing their cut-and-run strategy. In their view, Iraq will magically become an earthly Shangri-La as soon as the last of our troops fly out.

My, my, my – it is exactly what clear-thinking conservatives have been writing about – the perception that everything is going to be just wonderful as soon as the Democrats are in control of the Oval office, that is. Soon thereafter will come the “Main Scream Media’s” full-blown campaign, unleashed upon Joe and Jane public, the goal being to completely brainwash us into believing that the Democrats have the magic cure for whatever ails us. No? Shame on you.

For more than six years (of the Bush regime), we have been repeatedly told that the Democrats are superior to the lying, no good Hitler who sits in the White House… the dummy who can’t do anything right. The Republicans might as well give up trying to combat the calamity that will follow the 2008 general election and kiss our country good bye right now.

Didn’t you hear? We have already lost the war in Iraq, according to the Grand Poobah Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and his sidekick, Al-Qaeda’s number two man, Ayman al-Zawahiri.

“I believe … that this war is lost, and this surge is not accomplishing anything, as is shown by the extreme violence in Iraq this week,” Reid told journalists.

“I know I was the odd guy out at the White House, but I told him at least what he needed to hear… I believe the war at this stage can only be won diplomatically, politically and economically.”

Let’s get one thing straight. The Democrat leadership are a bunch of far Left, calculating, undermining socialists, who have the biased media on their side. Yep – those “patriotic” folks who have been emboldening terrorists just like the ones who attacked our country on that unforgettable morning of September 11, 2001.

Excerpts from Associated Press:
“In New Video, Al Qaeda No. 2 Mocks Congress Bill, President Bush

“CAIRO, Egypt — Al Qaeda’s No. 2 mocked both U.S. President George W. Bush and the U.S. Congress bill setting a pullout timetable for U.S. troops from Iraq, in a new insurgent video obtained Saturday by a U.S.-based group.

“In the video, Ayman al-Zawahiri — who acts as Usama bin Laden’s deputy — is shown in a white Arab robe and white turban, seated before a bookshelf, the Washington-based SITE Institute said.

“Al-Zawahiri speaks sarcastically of the U.S. troop pullout tying war funding to a withdrawal timetable, said SITE, which tracks terror messaging. The one hour seven minutes long video was dated May and had English subtitles.”

The Democrat National Party keeps the good times coming as they continue to encourage the haters of America to “Keep on Truckin’.” Under the leadership of the Democrats, the Department. of Homeland Security will be peachy perfect. There will be no more intelligence-gathering tools. The Patriot Act will be watered down. Many other programs in place for our protection will be removed. After all, it was President Bill Clinton who managed to cut our military almost in half when he was in office.

Let us look at the big picture. After the Democrats win the presidential election, it won’t be long before all the good President Bush accomplished to protect us from radical Islam will be removed and we will be at their mercy. They say what they mean and do as they say. Do you understand? Capisce?

America will be caught with her proverbial pants down once again, as we were in the days that led up to 9/11. Aren’t we lucky?

Ah… yes, and all for the sake of the political far Left agenda that 90% of us don’t want but which only about 20% of us are willing to fight against. With the help of the media and political whores, our great nation has become a paper tiger. The chaotic path down which we will be led can only be characterized as “disastrous.”

At one time America knew good from evil and right from wrong. We stood tall for freedom. That’s all changed, however – and no one seems to mind. We have become weak, fat, ripe, and ready for the pickin’ by our enemies. America has indeed been lulled into a collective coma by the liars of defeatism… and it’s all good for Usama bin Laden, al-Qaeda and America’s other foes.

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Marie Jon’ is a political/religious-based writer. She is the founder of — a sister website to RenewAmerica. Marie’s work has appeared on many sites, including The New Media Journal, ChronWatch, and Commonconservative, to name a few. She is a regular columnist for Capitolhillcoffeehouse, The Daley Times Post, RenewAmerica, The Conservative Voice, and Newsbull.

Marie brings a refreshing and spirited point of view that is reflected in her writings, as well as a genuine and spiritual opinion regarding God and his teachings. Marie is an practicing Christian, a nurse, a student, and a patriot. Many of Marie’s articles are a reflection of her great admiration for those serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. She is an advocate for the troops, as well as the Blue and Gold Star Mothers of America, and their families. Marie has appeared as a guest with political talk show host Bruce Elliot on WBAL, 1090 AM.Saturdays 5AM-9AM EST

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