Act Three Is Hidden

By: Lee Kent Hempfling

Let’s see here. What is it called when an outside force or entity calls the shots inside a representative form of government? There’s a name for that somewhere. That is exactly what the public is now being told by none other than, The New York Times.

And to top that off, the three steps of propaganda; explained in depth in the article: ‘Media Matters: The Steps of Propaganda’ are proven to be accurate by Tom Matzzie, the Washington directory of Matzzie said, in a letter written to Democrat leaders on Capital Hill, “‘In the past few days, we have seen what appear to be trial balloons signaling a significant weakening of the Democratic position,’ the letter read. ‘On this, we want to be perfectly clear: if Democrats appear to capitulate to Bush — passing a bill without measures to end the war — the unity Democrats have enjoyed and Democratic leadership has so expertly built, will immediately disappear.’”

Matzzie threatens legally elected representatives of the people of the United States of America, with dire consequences and retaliatory motives if they do not do, as they are told. And he dictates what that is.

So let’s see. and their loosely interwoven sister foundations, organizations and trade unions, use coercion and obviously threats of intimidation to get the government wants, regardless of what the people want. There’s a name for that somewhere.

He threatened to “move to a position of opposition” against the very Democrats the MoveOn cartel has been controlling if they do not do as they are told. Sedition. That’s it. The lawful authority congress enjoys to pass laws and debate issues is the vote. The vote is the people. Anything that resists that lawful authority is sedition. admits it resists lawful authority and will intimidate to do it.

But that is not all Matzzie admitted.

He admitted that the three steps of propaganda are exactly as the piece mentioned above lays them out. “This is act one of a three-act play,” he said. “Act two will be the summer. During the summer, our job is to create a firestorm of opposition.”

Step One, propagandizing a topic (taking control of it): ‘accuse your enemy of doing what you do or of what you are working on getting done’. All the Democratic congress has managed to accomplish since its election by the people are investigations. They accuse the Bush administration of being corrupt, yet for some odd reason they have not used their trademark ‘culture of corruption’, since President Bush used it against them last year. Passing a time line required withdrawal of American forces from an active war zone, during an active war, against the lawful authority of the Constitutionally empowered Executive Branch to control the army is influence across the separation of powers and requires the Judiciary to settle the dispute. But that would be after the fact, as money will run out before the Judiciary even heard arguments and the war would be lost. Causing a country to lose a war from within the country is called what?

Step two, propagandizing a topic (using it for your own advantage): ‘is to apply inductive reasoning to any fact presented, making it your topic and demonizing the enemy.’ “Act two will be the summer. During the summer, our job is to create a firestorm of opposition.” Opposition is a nice term for demonization. The target is obviously George W. Bush and the ‘corrupt Republican administration’. That is, unless the Democrats stop playing ball. has told the Democrats, and now the nation, that it doesn’t matter whether they have the support of an elected party or not. Theres a name for that somewhere too.

Step three, propagandizing a topic (justifying your demonization): ‘rely on a source you can claim is credible’, ‘pointing to the inductive logic as proven by the highly exalted ‘study’ or ‘expert opinion’.’ Expert testimony! The waggle of ‘impeachment’ uttered by the wiseguy in appropriation, was not just a random loose tongue. It put the word back into the recent discussion thread, so when the actual impeachment trials begin people will be less objectionable to them. But neither party is needed to pull that off. It was not mentioned as being the third act of MoveOn’s play, but it will be nonetheless.

Politics as usual means compromise. Sedition is the act of ignoring compromise and acting without regard to the lawful authority of the constitution. Matzzie sees that in a three part play. That makes sense. The reality of the MoveOn crowd resides in its own reality. Joining that reality to what it is not part of :( a real, elected, free society of capitalism and opportunity) requires play acting. That, to the real reality, is deception.

So we have more developments in the Great Department of Justice Play of 2007 yet to come. Meanwhile the alternative government is laying its plan out in plain site for all to see.

Obviously, somebody watched Perry Mason. But obviously somebody missed the series. The attacks rendered against ‘Media Matters: The Steps of Propaganda’ centered around two things. chumptastic said: “Easy to accuse, but I noticed little reference to your claims. Borderline slander.” while influsion said “Why don’t you read Media Matters first? I’ll apologize to the first person who can come up with a misquotation by Media Matters.” I responded:

“I would like to thank both screen names (whether posted by the same person or not) for showing the exact process detailed in the essay. Step One: “Easy to accuse, but I noticed little reference to your claims. Borderline slander.” Accuse your enemy of doing what you do or of what you are working on getting done. Then the second step: apply inductive reasoning to any fact presented, making it your topic and demonizing the enemy. “Why don’t you read Media Matters first? I’ll apologize to the first person who can come up with a misquotation by Media Matters.” Fascinating. The propagandites follow the rules to the letter almost as if they had no choice in such reaction. Slander is defaming. Libel requires ‘without just cause’. No wonder he didn’t use the right term. Slander? No. Libel? No…” There was more, but who cares?!

MediaMatters invoked step three in propagandizing the evil right-wing radio and television commentators in preparation for the upcoming return of the ‘Fairness Doctine’; resulting in the government’s word being the only word the people will hear. They reintroduced an Indiana University ‘study’ with added content so it had a new coat of paint. The ‘study’ was first written in 2005. It had new material in the 2007 version. That makes it repackaged. Cover your car with new paint and you still have the same car, unless your reality is only thin deep.

The ‘study’ is shown with three names under the title. Those names are Mike Conway, Maria Elizabeth Grabe and Kevin Grieves.

“The overall purpose of the Journalism Studies Interest Group is to promote journalism theory, journalism research, and professional education in journalism as well as to provide a critical perspective on its specific functions, structures, and practice. ” There is nothing there about politically driven propaganda.

Maria Elizabeth Grabe is shown as Betsi Grabe, Associate professor, Department of Telecommunications, Indiana University and as Vice-Chair of the Journalism Journal. The word ‘author’ does not appear and Mike Conway and Maria Elizabeth Grabe are listed as media contacts, not authors.

The journal itself is published in the United Kingdom by Taylor & Francis. “The Journal’s editorial board and contributors reflect the intellectual interests of a global community of academics and practitioners concerned with addressing and analysing all aspects of journalism scholarship, journalism practice and journalism education.” Written in the ‘British’. Analysing is called ‘Analyzing’ in America.

Which means the same thing as the global warming support. One believer, who has a degree of credibility, supports the other believer who has an accepted motive (color that green or color it white) in order for you to believe. Somehow, someone or some group of ‘ones’ are more concerned either for their country or for their own hides and had to settle them down. The tightly woven web of mutual cooperation, must have a lightly fear of discipline. MoveOn simply did what any other professional drill sergeant would do.

When patriotism gets in the way of ambition, sedition and overthrow lose cohesion. It happened before and if it were not for a patriot, a man in whom most viewed as a military leader but ‘stupid’, being more patriot than ambition, more intelligent than seditiousness, 1934 may have seen the storming of the Whitehouse by former patriots. Instead, it languishes as a little known footnote in history. You should read the history so not to repeat it..

Jack Abramoff just went to prison for paying politicians to do what others wanted them to do. and the other Soros organizations are threatening politicians to do what they are told to do. Abramoff was lobbying for specific things. A lobbing effort is openly underway for a whole country. What will the country do about it? Who is playing what part in the ‘play’?

What sets America apart from any other nation is the overwhelming amount of the citizenry who are absolute patriots., George Soros and the many soldiers they use, do not believe that is true. In 1934 it was just one man who upset the applecart. “except for the personal integrity of a remarkable American general, a coup d’état intended to remove President Franklin D. Roosevelt from office in 1934 might have plunged America into civil war.”

They want you to believe. If they can tell congress what to do and threaten them if they don’t, what do you think they can do to you, if you will not convert?

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