We Don’t Negotiate With Terrorists, We Bow Down

By: Carolyn Hileman

Please forgive me if I offend some of your sensibilities by speaking the truth, but it must be spoken before we politically correct our selves to death. Our nations leaders, the people, the media all bend over backwards to make sure we don’t upset any group what so ever. We don’t say anything against the Muslims because the get in the street and burn stuff and threaten to behead us.

Now I may be wrong but last I heard those were terrorist threats and actions. Do we send out the police or the national guard to put down their riots? Why no, we might piss them off and we wouldn’t want to do that now would we? When the invaders marched in LA and refused to stay where their permit allowed them to be the police took action, but you see they were supposed to ignore them, not enforce the law. I mean really you act like that is their job or something.

The Mayor and police chief went into CYA mode and for those of you who do not know what that means it means cover your ass and that is exactly what they did. To hell with standing up for the men and woman who protect the city lets hand them over to be lynched.

If anyone should reign it should be the police chief and Mayor of LA, because we already know where their allegiance lies and it is not with the American citizens. The illegal immigrants break the law yet one more time and our cops are told loud and clear STAND DOWN!!! If they don’t they will prosecute them just like they have the border patrol agents, so the message to all law enforcement is do not touch the Mexicans; they have special status. They can bring in drugs, they can traffic humans they can defecate in our streets and you do not touch them or you will be the one behind bars. These marches, make no mistake, are a show of their strength. The May Day marches are billed as a boycott of our country to prove their strength. When any group or entity or nation state devises any plan to harm our economy it is a terrorist threat and should be handled accordingly. What that means simply is that you need to get on your knees and pucker your lips, because we don’t negotiate with terrorists we bow down.

They are just poor people living in the shadows; the only shadow they were living in on May 1, 2007 was the person’s in front and beside them. Ted Kennedy was so upset that we raided his city that he had to try and get the UN to come to Texas to make sure we were not hurting his favorite people. They are acting as though if we follow the law and raid anywhere we are being Nazi’s and that we are going to be firing up the damn ovens. But then again he was equally upset when he found out that we did anything but asked the terrorists nicely where they plan to hit us next.

Teddy Kennedy and his democrat friends are working very hard to bring our country to its knees and there is no one there to stop the man. You know for an old stumbling drunk this man has a lot of power. Not only can he manage to turn a large portion of conservatives against the president, but he can give the illegal immigrants equal standing with every single American, and he can make darn sure that we give rights to terrorists. But he can’t seem to muster enough sober time to help our troops or the American people.

The only time you and I are referred to by the democrats is when they call us Nativist and racists and the American people pay no attention what so ever. The illegal immigrant marches are the next civil rights movement, the terrorists are just a bunch of guys who fell in with the wrong people, but we ladies and gentleman are nativist and racists. If we don’t want to bow down to the illegal immigrants demands we are racist nativist. If we don’t want to watch our mouth and say something about any of their pet terrorists we are racist; we are the Nazi’s. Listen closely to what these people think of their countrymen and women, then listen to what they think of those who would see us dead or dispatched from our country and you will see that we don’t negotiate with terrorist, we bow down.

Carolyn Hileman is head writer and editor of the Voice located at http://thevoice.name/ She writes about politics, illegal immigration and other things in the news.

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