We See Your True Colors

By: Carolyn Hileman

Today is a sad day for me, it is not my choice to rail against our religious leaders, but I am faced with more questions than answers. Much like the kicked in the gut feeling I had when I figured out our nations leaders were more apt to side with illegal immigrants, today you can still see the footprint. While I understand that the religious leaders think they are just being good Christians, it does not matter because what they are doing is putting the church in direct confrontation with the law and that cannot have a good outcome.

Forgive me if I am feeling just a little disappointed, we will just call this my confession how about. I confess that I find it amazing that our religious leaders who could not lobby congress to have prayer reinstated in the public schools, who could not rally around Judge Moore when he was trying to keep the Ten Commandment statue at his court house, who could not raise a hand against the ACLU and as such we have seen many religious symbols torn from our land. The reason they always gave was their tax exempt status; why they might lose it if they stood up to such tyranny. I take it they are not very concerned about their tax exempt status today. All gloves are off and they stand in judgment of any American who dares call an illegal immigrant a criminal and they are so interested in this issue that they are planning to open up sanctuary churches just for them using donations given by you and me. Tax exempt donations I might add.

It is OK for the schools to ban prayer, the church will be silent. It is just fine if the nativity scenes are stripped from every court house Christmas scene; don’t you worry when they take away all the religious symbols – why we will have a collection of illegal immigrants to take their place. It was bad enough when the priests were doing everything but giving communion at the rallies. It was embarrassing enough to see them in church robes marching down the street with them, but to bring them in to our place of worship, people who have entered our country illegally???

I find it funny that in their announcement about the sanctuary churches they put that they would have no criminal record. What do you call sneaking into a country, using someone else’s ID to get a job, and breaking the law daily by staying here? They seem to think they are doing some great work here by allowing law breakers to live in our churches and I am sorry I don’t think so.

Put some of that fire to use and work to bring prayer back into our schools, work to feed the poor, fight for our right to be able to see a nativity scene in a public place, fight for us for a change. Fight for your country, your people, and the ones who stuff your collection plates. Those people are not, I repeat not, being persecuted. They are being prosecuted as well they should be and our religious leaders have now suddenly decided that they are above the law, that they can stand in the way of the law and that they can make up the law if the ones we have in our country are not to their liking. They are putting churches and religion in harms way. They are sticking their noses into a subject they are not equipped to deal with and they are planning to drag us right along with them.

Several churches are planning to build rooms on to their churches for the sole purpose of housing illegal immigrants and would you like to take a wild guess where that money came from? I could understand their behavior if in fact the USA was torturing these people or killing them, but we are not Nazi’s; we are American’s. The fact is if these people are picked up and are here illegally we send them home. Simple as that. Don’t worry though they will come right back, and we will deport them again. As far as they will be separated from their families, this is a situation they chose to put themselves in. No one forced them to come here and live a lie. They chose this and it is not the churches responsibility to keep every criminals family together and if it is shall we open the doors to the prisons because a lot of them have families; they want sanctuary too…

There really are no words to express the anger I have inside of me right now although I have managed to find a few, and I just wonder if I were to go confess that what my penance might be. Maybe allowing a family of illegal immigrants to live with me… The sad fact of the matter is any time the American Christian has needed the church to stand up for their rights they could not do it, but they can stand in defiance of the law, they can lobby congress, they can open the church, they can bring in the beds if you are not an American. Well we see your true colors and they are not RED WHITE and BLUE…         

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