Hokies Entitled To Reparations

By: Amy Barath

In the ever present longing to one-up (that’s a liberal technical term) President Bush, the Democrats paid their respects to the victims of the Virginia Tech massacre.

The day after the shooting rampage, Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi rushed to the Virginia Tech campus to comfort traumatized students. On the following day, Jack Murtha and John Edwards attended a memorial service in order to pay their respects to the victims’ families. Later that week, former Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter gave a speech focusing on goodwill and vowed to raise funds in order to help the effected survivors.

Didn’t they?

No? None of those events took place? Not one? But…the Democrats are in charge. Aren’t they the political party in charge of the Office of Compassion? No? Then…

Just exactly what are the Democrats in charge of anyway?

The Democrats are in charge of complaining. This is the identical thing they were in charge of before they were in charge.

Hokies Entitled To Reparations

“He was a real hero” a surviving male student who remembered to wear his earring for the interview remarked of his wounded friend. “He knew just what to do” he added. A real hero? Who was a real hero aside from the elderly Holocaust survivor who confronted Mr. Cho? The “real hero” referred to was a student who was shot in the leg and had the wherewithal to apply pressure to his wound by wrapping wire around his thigh to control the bleeding. Evidentally, as it was reported, he learned this technique in the Boy Scouts. Yes, the Boy Scouts, the very same organization liberals relentlessly attack and condemn and against which they file frivolous lawsuits to eradicate the use of profane statements such as one nation under God and I pledge allegiance.

Thanks to the Boy Scouts one student knew how to save his own life. Kudos to him; we are thankful he survived, but a hero? No, a hero is Profeesor Liviu Librescu, a seventy-six year old Holocaust survivor (now everyone seems to agree that the Holocaust did happen) who risked his own life so that his students would live. Years of Ritalin and liberal teachings have twisted the term hero in the minds of our youth to mean something other than it is. A hero saves the lives of others at the risk of his own peril; this is the definition of a hero. Reparations are due the liberal tainted mind of the student who reported that his Boy Scout friend was a hero. His check is in the email.

Reparations are due every boy who froze instead of reacting while Cho reloaded. For every boy who did not throw a chair, a desk or usher the girls to safety first, a reparation check is in the email.

For every professor, school official and school administrator who failed to notify the students that a murder had occurred on campus because they believed “the gunman had left campus and fled into the surrounding community,” (and to hell with the surrounding community); a reparation check is in the email.

For every student who ever ignored Cho; for every expert, including the Judge who decided Cho should not be sent to a psychiatric facility and instead should return to campus; a reparation check is in the email.

This is the Tiger Schulmann generation. As three-year olds these students were schlepped to karate class by their nonjudgmental parents. For what? Evidently, for status purposes only, or perhaps to prove our deference to the Asian culture, as a liberal payback for Hiroshima.


Except quite obviously it was mandated by liberal law that the art of self-defense be removed from the karate curriculum. Remove self-defense from a self-defense class; that sounds eerily like a liberal tactic. Tiger Schulmann refund checks are in the email.

For every parent who obediently towed the line and taught their children the liberal mantra of minding their own business in the face of danger, including the parents of Cho’s roommates; innocent students who lived day and night with a psychopath who was planning their demise. For young adults who went to bed each night with blinder’s on, vulnerable to this madman who could’ve decided at any moment to blow their brains out; a reparation check for ‘ignoring the signs’ and being ‘non-judgmental’ is in the email.

For every young male student who ran from danger in the spirit of ‘every man for himself,’ a reparation check is in the email.

The ACLU will surely go bankrupt for all the checks they will have to cut. Thank you Mr. Cho, for exposing the reality of the upside down world we have allowed political correctness to create. Unfortunately, many young, brilliant minds who would have contributed much to this country and the world have been snuffed out. Will this event change anything? Probably not, but an organization called the Boy Scouts can take credit for saving at least one life.

God bless the Boy Scouts.

Notice two important acts which have stood out from this debacle. The first thing is that everybody ran to pray.


Imagine that. Liberals from all corners of the Virginia Tech campus stepped over each other in the race to find a house of worship. In the face of tragedy, God’s help was sought. God’s help.

Imagine that.

The comfort of Madame Hillary Clinton was not sought. Neither was the advice of the Reigning Nancy Pelosi. As a matter of fact, the entire liberal gang, the political party in charge of complaining which has recently assumed command of our safety, remained uncharacteristically silent.


Could it be possible that even radical liberals know when to keep their mouths shut? Remember, this is not the Gaza Strip where American liberals know they better button their lips or risk losing their heads, this is an American college campus, where various points of view are explored to expand the student’s thinking. On any American college campus a good Holocaust denial class can be found. Blah, blah, blah about anything besides the truth is disguised in the spirit of an open forum of ideas, which are lies. A lie is a lie is a lie.

Twenty years from today, will a course be offered in the spirit of creating an open forum of ideas in which the subject matter is none other than a denial of the Virginia Tech massacre? If liberals have their way and we do not stop them rest assured, little Johnny will be registering for this required class, he and his tattoo and his earring, too.

So, how do you stop a liberal?

You must give him a problem. Remember, the definition of a liberal is a very wealthy American without a problem who creates problems for others.

So, how do you give such a person or persons a problem? Easy, just ignore every single, sniffling, cry-baby one of them.

Let them screech, let them stamp their feet, let them initiate frivolous lawsuits. Then, we conservatives beat them at their own game by employing the same tactic we employ with our two-year olds in mid-tantrum:


Ignoring is a much more powerful tool than participating in a dialogue. Liberals have nothing constructive to add and in the face of real danger you see their response: Silence.

Silence is golden, especially when used as the ultimate weapon against radical liberalism.


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