Canadians Ignorant re: Afghanistan War

By: Leigh Patrick Sullivan

Canadians support for our involvement in the Afghanistan war has fluctuated greatly since the campaign began. While everyone claims to ‘support the troops’, not all are in favor of the continued presence of our military in the war-torn nation. The great yo-yo of opinion dips when another fallen soldier comes home, and like clockwork causes one of the federal opposition parties to propose some half-baked cut-and-run idea like creating a time limit on a war. (STILL can’t figure that one out, Stephane.)

The Canadian public, particularly the younger generation of voters who are coming out of the over-liberalized, leftwing public education system, are forming their opinions on a mix of false, misguided, or downright wrong information. Worse, many are completely oblivious to the facts regarding the war itself.

I have heard some interesting reasons for opposing our fighting this war: It’s about oil; we weren’t invited; the American’s got themselves into this, therefore it’s their war, not ours; their government (the Taliban) weren’t that bad; etc.

Yikes. First, as opposed to the Iraq war, the conflict in Afghanistan has nothing to do with oil. This, sadly, is a strong indication of the willingness of people to link (or, in some cases, confuse) one war with another. For Heaven’s sake, people – keep your wars straight!

Second, we were, in fact, invited. The overthrow of the evil Taliban terrorist government was ultimately followed by the first taste of free government the Afghan people have had for years. They invited NATO to help fight the bad guys.

Interestingly, since then, women in the country have obtained a level of human rights and equality which, while not perfect, is a quantum-leap ahead of the property they were once considered. When you look at the situation closer, you can see that by fighting the terrorists for control of the nation, we are actually fighting for Afghani women’s rights. And the leftwingers are against this, why?

Finally, the anti-American slant on the ‘it’s their war’ line is the least shocking. It has become something of a fad in Canadian culture to blame everything on the U.S. Trade towers got hit? Your problem, and probably your fault. Hunting the world’s most dangerous terrorist? Your problem. Snowing in Vancouver in May? Damn Americans…

It is scary that the very people who, at the end of the day, decide whether to take the terrorist threat seriously are so ignorant on the subject.

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