Left Works to Change Image of Fort Dix Six

By: Sher Zieve

Although I still have difficulty fathoming why the secular Left seems bent upon suicide-by-proxy, at least it has told us who (if not what) comprise the members of its substitution group. They are the Islamists. However, in the case of Islam’s most recent failed attempt to cause an act of barbarism on US soil, many on the Left seem furious with their adopted protégés. In statements that appear designed to spur them on toward accomplishing their terroristic missions, the Left has called the Islamists “idiots” and “morons” for not actually completing their massacre mission at Fort Dix, NJ. The popular anarchistic left-wing site Daily Kos reflects this disdain for the jihadists’ failed plan to slaughter soldiers stationed at Fort Dix. One of its writers/bloggers states: “It’s a bit like the Shriners planning to win the Daytona 500 with a clownmobile.” The writer then goes on to compare this recent Islamist attempt to one planned by the 1970’s militant group the Weather Underground. In an attempted attack on Fort Dix, members of this group blew themselves up prematurely. Perhaps the Daily Kos is not aware of the current myriad Islamist attack attempts, worldwide, in which the terrorists not infrequently blow themselves up prematurely. But, the Left has seldom-to-never been accused of basing its opinions or even news articles on any discernable coherent facts.

Then, there is the ABC News article titled “The Fort Dix Six Allegedly Had Bomb Recipes, Made Fun of U.S.”, in which the usual friend of one of the terrorists is interviewed and says “He was an easy going guy, someone you enjoyed working with.”—the indication being ‘terrorists can be great guys, too’! The Courier-Post Online quotes George Strong, a retired William and Mary University professor, as saying the Fort Dix Six are “romanticists.” Do we now have a politically-correct new word to use for avowed terrorists? Are they no longer to be called what they truly are but, to be referred to as “romantics?” I predict that there will soon be a new ACLU-and-CAIR-fought-for-law that bans the usage of the word “terrorist” and replaces it with “romanticist.” Following this same leftist-inspired thought pattern, will the term ‘terrorism’ soon be replaced with ‘love’? The Courier-Post goes on to extensively quote Chicago Muslim leader Huseyin Abiva as strongly indicating that the United States is to blame for the Fort Dix mass murder attempt. Huseyin said that the 1999 American intervention in Serbia is to blame, when he stated: “A lot of these foreign missionaries [presumably he believes Christian missionaries] and soldiers started propagating this alien interpretation of Islam.” Huh? First of all, I don’t recall any Christian clerics being sent to Serbia to “convert” the Muslim population. Second—to what “alien interpretation of Islam” is Huseyin referring? With all of the ongoing worldwide terrorist attacks perpetrated by the followers of Islam, it appears that this political system and religion (neither of which can be separated from the other) speak for themselves.

In his “style” of continuing to play down any and all Islamist threats, we have MSNBC’s Uber-leftist Keith Olbermann telling his handful of viewers on the same day the on-our-soil Islamists were arrested: “The FBI arrested six morons.” As other leftists, Olbermann seems genuinely angry that the would-be terrorism plotters did not accomplish their goal. And, tragically, it’s no surprise that NBC would allow (and most likely fully support) the seemingly anti-US and pro-terrorist ideology that Olbermann appears to embrace. The inherent insanity of this sort of support for enemies of the United States is that should the Islamics accomplish their stated goal of world domination, leftists will also either be killed or forced to convert to Islam. Do these leftists hold even one coherent and rational thought in their collective mind? From their comments and actions, I think it’s doubtful. However, as they are a suicidal bunch, perhaps being “offed” is their hope.

The left-wing Democrat propagandists and their media continue to blame the United States of America for everything that is wrong with the world. And, of course, President Bush is responsible for all of the problems—even those that did not occur on or during his watch. But, even though he’s often the wrong target, President Bush is the easy one to scapegoat—as he seldom fights them back. However, if the voting, reading and viewing public continues to allow this never-ending “blame America first, in the middle and last” mentality—we will very soon be destroyed from both within and without. It appears that this is what both the Left and the Islamists are hoping for and working toward.

Do you have any plans to repeat the 2006 midterm results by also sitting out the 2008 elections?






Sher Zieve is a staff writer for the New Media Alliance, Inc. (www.thenma.org). The New Media Alliance is a non-profit (501c3) national coalition of writers, journalists and grass-roots media outlets.

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